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The Future In Contact Centre software!

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Converged Solution

We offer you one solution for all of your interactions regardless of channel type – Voice, Web Chat, Email, SMS

Feature Rich

With more features than any other product on the market, get enterprise features and capabilities at a fraction of the price you would normally pay.

Proven Supplier

With over 20 years experience, we are a trusted supplier with a proven track record replacing existing solutions to meet clients requirements.

Easy Set Up

With quick setup, training and implementation, with over 1000 installations experience we will help identify areas of improvement and have you up and running in no time.

MaxContact Predictive Dialler

MaxContact is the complete cloud contact centre software solution to meet all your business needs, with clients ranging from 6 -1000+ seats, we cater for every industry sector. So if you are in financial services or a large BPO with lots of different campaigns, through to a new start up, we are the trusted experts that can help your business needs.

Our unique true predictive dialling algorithm has an average increase of live people connects of 34% over other similar products, we are happy to go head to head.

The reporting suite was built by contact centre people for contact centre people, useful easy to understand reports with unique statistics you won’t see anywhere else

Seamlessly integrated with your existing technology, including but not limited to your website, email platform and CRM

Real Business Intelligence! 

When yesterday’s data isn’t good enough, you need to react to trends faster. Focusing on real-time information allows you to take action to what is happening in your business now. MaxContact wallboards and dashboards will empower your business to spot issues immediately. With our experience we have developed the most user-friendly, insightful dashboard on the market today.

MaxContact Dashboards allows you to present the most important call centre metrics in one place, automatically gathering and transforming complex data into simple information your teams can easily use to improve performance. Build dashboards for every level of the business, from team leaders, call centre managers to business owners or third party clients.  With unlimited dashboard publishing you can be sure each campaign is focusing on the targets that matter.

The product is 1000 times better than our previous system, we stuck with the old system assuming they were all the same, we now wish we had of changed much sooner

We have tried 2 other solutions before MaxContact and they are miles apart from the competition in both product performance and service that they have offered us

Latest Case Studies

PFP Energy

The Challenge – PFP Energy had been manual dialing and although they were happy with their processes they decided to explore the dialler provider market to find out more about how a cloud contact centre solution like MaxContact could bring improvements mainly to the debt…

Ago Outsourcing

The Challenge – AGO Outsourcing have been using technology since their inception and initially chose to use the Easy Contact Now solution to handle their inbound and outbound calls. At first the solution got the business up and running however, after a few months it…


Background – Adzooma had previously been manual dialling from their CRM system with an infinite number of leads. They found they were never getting through all the leads and repeat attempts to those leads were missed, meaning they were missing out on a large amount…

It’s not all about  Software!

At MaxContact we know it is not just about the software, the company are one of the most important decision in choosing the right solution for you.

We focus as much on the wrap around services as we do on development and features of the product, so whether it is Compliance, Security, Scalability, integration or Support, you will know you have made the right decision by choosing MaxContact.



Hosted in Microsoft’s AZURE platform, every business can get enterprise scale infrastructure.

Account Management

With a dedicated account manager who learns your business, you will always have a single point of contact that you can use


Our dedicated UK based support team are here to help, we are always on hand to support your business


Compliance is at the forefront of everything we do, meaning you can be sure that we meet any stringent requirements you may have

Real Business Intelligence! 

  • OMNI Channel
  • SMS
  • Web Chat
  • True Predictive Dailler
  • Intelligent Inbound Routing
  • Fully Compliant
  • Call Backs
  • Scripting
  • Blended Dialling
  • Real Time Changes
  • IVR Builder
  • Call Recording
  • Auditing


  • Live Queue Monitor
  • Email
  • Change Interaction Type
  • Integration API’s
  • Automatic Recall Rules
  • Data Segregation
  • Skill Based Routing
  • Virtual Queue
  • Position and time announcements
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Customisable Dashboards
  • Hot Lead dialling within 30 seconds
  • Targets
  • Repeat Interaction Routing
  • Customisable Messages
  • Quick Responses
  • Result Code Changer
  • CallBack Manager
  • Custom Report Builder
  • Permissions
  • Advanced Record Reset Builder
  • Lead Management System
  • Quality Scoring
  • Coaching Manager
  • Customisable Breaks
  • Inbound Blacklist

And much more, so get in touch and see how we can help your business

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Why we are the Best! 

Advanced Customisation

No matter how specific your requirements, we have the ability customise nearly every option available, we have client with over 30 campaigns on one system, all requiring different options and criteria.

When We Say We Can, We Can

We don’t mind saying no, but don’t be shocked, our client relationships are built on trust from the start and being honest on what we can and can’t achieve. So if we say we can do something, you know that we mean it.

Problem Solving Experts

Having replaced over 60 competitors solutions this year alone, we simply solve problems with there existing solutions, by providing services, support, features, stability or resolving bugs they have.

Team of Experts

Our clients quite often rely on us to consult on not just contact centre solutions but IT, convergence, development, outsourcing, offshoring and much more, we have the strongest technical team in the business so you know you have partnered with the right company

It’s Our Own Product

Our product was designed and developed from the ground up by us, so we are in control. With it being our product, it also allows us to constantly add new features, with over 100+ added this year alone, you will always have the latest features available to you

We Don’t Cut Corners

We do things right, from our AZURE hosting infrastructure to our dedicated experienced support team and continual development strategy , we provide a comprehensive solution at the right price to offer the service and support your business demands

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