MaxContact cloud contact centre technologies were designed from the ground up to meet and exceed the needs of our clients, including enterprise customers.

The Microsoft Azure platform is already used by two thirds of Fortune 500 companies and delivers unbeaten stability with the benefit of built-in resilience against hardware failure.

Within this, MaxContact runs as a truly hosted cloud contact centre in an elastic clustered environment, so even in the event of hardware failure, the clustered database structure can continue to operate uninterrupted.

Massive scalability

Scalability is one of the core features of cloud services, and MaxContact true hosted cloud contact centres are no exception.

The unlimited scalability made possible by the Azure platform means you don’t have to worry about increasing capacity as you increase your levels of business.

Instead, your contact centre grows as you do, offering scalability for multiple tenants and across multiple sites, including remote workers.

Fast and reliable

New MaxContact cloud call centres can be up and running in next to no time, with easy implementation and rapid deployment.

Every second counts in business, so we aim for round-the-clock availability at the ‘five nines’ level of 99.999% uptime.

That’s about five minutes of downtime over the course of a full year, and a figure that we aim to beat wherever possible.

Secure and compliant

Whatever legislation you need to comply with, we make sure our cloud contact centres operate at the required level so you don’t encounter any difficulties.

True hosted cloud call centres make this even easier for you, as any time new regulations are rolled out, we can seamlessly implement them across your hosting with no interruptions.

All of this is backed up by stringent data security policies so the information you transmit and store with us is protected against accidental leaks and malicious attacks.

Your data is yours

Crucially, we have strict policies in place to ensure that your data is not accessed without authorisation – including by our own staff.

If we do need to access your data as part of the service we provide to you, we will always seek prior arrangement and consent before we do so.

Equally importantly, our employees will never ask you to reveal your password – so you know that if anyone asks at any point in the future, you should not disclose it to them.

Monitoring and diagnostics

Finally, as part of our five nines commitment, we continually monitor our systems and proactively diagnose any faults as they arise and before they cause any interruption to service.

By keeping a watchful eye over the ecosystem of our true hosted cloud call centres in this way, we make sure we are in total control of our systems – so you can have total peace of mind that they will be available and accessible when you need them too.

Nothing is left to chance, with alerts and advance warnings that flag up even the slightest deviation from expected service levels, so we can quickly take action to protect the system and prevent downtime – leaving your business able to flourish and thrive at all times.