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Outbound Skill-Based Routing for Contact Centres

Feel confident in your campaign close rate by effortlessly matching customers with their ideal agent using outbound skill-based routing.

Is Outbound Skill-Based Routing

Right For My Business? 



Do you find yourself in one (or more) of these situations in your contact centre:

    • You spend hours setting up complicated campaigns to segment your call lists for your agents.

    • Your close rates are decreasing due to new team members struggling to handle VIP customers.

    • You spend a lot of time moving leads from one list to another, and your information becomes outdated quickly.


With outbound skill-based routing, your campaigns are set up for success.

Agents’ skills match lead requirements, meaning you win more customers and have stronger, longer-lasting relationships.

Feature Perfect

Improve success rates for your calls

Outbound skill-based routing works across progressive, predictive and preview campaigns 

Keep your data fresh and reduce admin and errors

Lead ‘skills’ are updated dynamically based on live information. Simply configure your result codes to work with skill-based routing

Streamline agents activity

Tagging your agents and customers with skills reduces the need for multiple campaigns, streamlining the agent’s day-to-day and reporting all in one place

Improve customer service

Rating your agents with a proficiency level for each skill means there are multiple options for agents with the same skill, routing the customer to the agent with the highest proficiency where possible and routing to an alternative option when needed to avoid dropping a call 

Track and analyse performance

Our in-depth reports allow you to track the performance of your team and campaigns 

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Customer Contact Strategies for Successful Campaigns

Adopt the right contact strategy for every single customer through the power of AI, automation, and a tonne of powerful contact centre features. Find out how MaxContact can improve your outbound communications.

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