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Outbound customer engagement software for contact centre teams

✓ Supercharge sales and debt collection rates
✓ Easily prioritise data for better campaign performance
✓ Integrate with existing systems

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Increase contact rates, drive revenue and improve team productivity with MaxContact’s outbound dialler and omnichannel features

We understand that every customer interaction is different, and a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach doesn’t always work for contact centre teams. Our outbound engagement platform helps tailor your approach, and adopt the right contact strategy for every single customer through the power of AI, automation, and a tonne of powerful features. 

Manage inbound and outbound calls and contacts simultaneously with in one easy-to-use, centralised platform. Utilise features such as automated compliant outbound dialling, Answer Machine Detection and data prioritisation to streamline your workflows: freeing up your team’s time to focus on quality outbound customer engagements. 

Customise campaigns to suit your business needs, set thresholds to react to the rise and fall of inbound call volumes to maximise productivity, and gain access to analytics and call metrics to help guide your contact centre strategy. 

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Combine Inbound and outbound engagement with ease

Outbound customer engagement software features

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With MaxContact, we will show you how you can:

  • • Set up new campaigns and teams in minutes
  • • Prioritise the contact data you want to the most at the right time
  • • Dial your contacts with our different dialling options 
  • • Create and edit complex, branching logic scripts
  • • Automate post-interaction actions based on call outcomes
  • • Use Bulk SMS, one to one SMS, email and WhatsApp
  • • Balance outbound dialling with inbound contact
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Benefits of outbound
customer engagement software

Save time and money by consolidating systems

Reduce the time your teams spend juggling systems and searching for customer information. This allows the team to focus on quality conversations and outcomes, improving customer satisfaction rates and resource allocation.

Bring synergy across platforms with integrations

MaxContact integrates seamlessly with the world’s most popular business applications. Whether it’s payments, CRM or accounting, MaxContact can ensure all of your systems are working together. And if that’s not enough, our in-house team can develop new integrations just for you.

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Data-driven insights and reporting

Spot patterns (whether positive or negative!) faster with full end-to-end reporting. With a customer engagement platform, your contact centre teams can get real-time and historical insights for all your communication channels, presented as easily digestible visualisations.

Learn more about reporting >

Increase contact and conversion rates through AI and automation

Our outbound customer engagement platform really is a must-have tool for your Debt Collection or Sales teams. Filled with simple and effective tools to help take the manual work out of your contact centre teams, our platform’s intuitive features help you contact the right people, at the right time, through the channel they interact with most.

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Take secure payments

Provide peace of mind to your customers with a secure payment service. With our software you can take secure PCI-compliant user-assisted payments, send online payments, send online payment links and create payment IVRs so your customers can make payments at any time, day or night.

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A no-nonsense team you can trust, with over 200 years of contact centre experience combined, our teams know their stuff. With free custom training available and a 100% UK-based support team, we’re always on hand when you need us.

Develop your teams

Value for money.

Get a reliable platform, built for you and your needs, without costing the earth. Plug into pre-built integrations or take advantage of affordable custom developments. Over 97% of our customers think our software provides them value for money.

We keep it simple.

Your teams don’t need PHDs to use MaxContact. They’ll be up and running with hundreds of features in hours – not months. 96% of our customers think our platform is easy to use, leaving your teams to get on with what they do best, without any hassle.

Secure as standard.

MaxContact is ISO 27001, 9001 and Cyber Essentials Plus certified so customer data is kept safe and compliant. Our dropless algorithm helps to ensure you stay compliant, providing you greater freedom to serve your customers effectively without the burden of regulatory compliance.

Our SaaS application is housed in Microsoft Azure for the highest security and compliance credentials, allowing you to automate your activities and reports with complete confidence.

Types of outbound dialler

Outbound diallers can be categorised into three types; progressive, preview and predictive.

Predictive dialling

Predictive dialling is a hugely efficient dialling method that places calls based on the software’s predictions of agent availability; dialling multiple numbers simultaneously, so that when agents finish one call they can be instantly connected to the next.

Progressive dialling

A progressive dialler is an outbound dialling method that places the next contact in your data set ready for when the next team member is available. Progressive diallers are one of the most popular dialling methods and are designed to both increase agent efficiency and reduce the chance of dropping outbound calls.

Preview dialling

A preview dialler is an outbound dialling method enabling staff to preview customer profiles before the call is placed. Information about contacts can be displayed before the call is made, allowing your teams to review historical interactions and plan calls for the optimum call time.

Learn more about outbound customer engagement

Unlike inbound customer engagement which sees contact centres responsible for handling inbound calls and correspondence, outbound customer engagement gives you the tools and channels to proactively reach contacts.

Whether it’s through SMS and WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, over-the-phone or email, outbound contact centre software enables you to reach your customers – the way they prefer to be contacted. 

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