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Spokn AI – Speech Analytics

Understand the ‘why’.

Make better business decisions and understand the ‘why’ behind 100% of your contact centre conversations.

Spokn AI speech analytics is simple to set up, easy to understand and provides sophisticated insights at the click of a button.

Contact Centre Managers have limited visibility of what’s happening on their floor.

Decisions are being made with only part of the picture, leading to poor outcomes, compliance risks and money being left on the table.

Speech Analytics provides better insight across your contact centre, building more robust QA processes and allowing you to coach your team to improve the customer experience.

With 100% call coverage, understand the ‘why’ behind every contact centre conversation. Using AI technology, our Speech Analytics shows topic and sentiment analysis, trends, and more so your business can make data-informed decisions.

Complete QA & Compliance

AI-led speech analysis frees up contact centre leaders for more productive tasks, while driving better call quality and compliance.

Reduce Costs Without Comprimising

Automate labour-intensive call listening with our fully integrated speech analytics software to free up agents’ time and reduce costs.

Identify Vulnerable Customers

Use speech analytics to automatically highlight potentially vulnerable customers based on the language and words they use.

Spokn AI – Speech Analytics to Drive Efficiencies and Growth

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Speech Analytics FAQs

  • What is speech analytics software?
    Speech analytics automates the process of listening to call centre interactions by analysing speech data for valuable information about agent performance and customer emotion. It can identify critical reasons for both customer satisfaction and customer churn. It can alert you to customer frustration or dissatisfaction with your products or service.
  • How does speech analytics work?
    Speech analytics identifies meaningful words and phrases that have positive and negative connotations. It can then determine the emotional character of a passage of speech (for example, is the speaker happy or displeased?), based on both the words spoken and speech characteristics like intonation, pitch, articulation, speech rate and so on.
  • What are the benefits of speech analytics?
    AI-led speech analytics offers real insight. From a single conversation it can deduce honest customer opinions around a new product or service; the over- and underperformance of agents; levels of customer satisfaction and where any dissatisfaction lies; and the percentage of conversations that meet quality expectations. These insights can help you reduce customer churn and improve customer satisfaction.
  • How do you use speech analytics?
    Our fully integrated speech analytics software is designed to work seamlessly with our feature-rich, cloud-based contact centre software. The data is presented as simple, actionable insight, accessed from a central control panel. No expertise is required to read or interpret data. Instead, MaxContact gives you the information you need to deliver a market leading customer experience.
  • What is the ROI of speech analytics?
    Ultimately, the ROI of speech analytics is more satisfied customers and greater profits. But there are a number of other ways to measure the impact of your speech analytics solution including sales efficiency, team retention and increased compliance.

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