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AI-Powered Chatbot for Contact Centres

Transform your customer support with MaxContact’s AI-Powered Chatbot, designed to meet the growing demand for instant answers.

Drive Contact Centre Efficiencies

We know contact centres are battling budget constraints and staffing challenges; our chatbot stands ready to respond instantly to your customers’ queries, available 24/7 across various channels, including Voice, SMS, Web Chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Email, and more.

The AI chatbot empowers your contact centre agents to focus on building meaningful relationships and tackling more complex customer questions by deflecting calls and handling repetitive, task-based queries. This boosts efficiency and ensures a better experience for your customers.

Instantly Resolve Customer Queries

With our AI-powered chatbot, you can provide exceptional customer support, no matter the time of day or how they choose to get in touch, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition in today’s fast-paced digital world.

The chatbot understands your customer’s intent by utilising sophisticated language models and speech recognition, delivering a human-like approach. It constantly learns from data and seamlessly integrates with your systems to provide quick and accurate responses.

Integrate Seamlessly Between Chatbot and Agent

No matter where your customer is in their journey – our AI chatbot for customer support can recall all past interactions and use the data to provide a real-time response. Whether checking their order history, delivery date or outstanding payment details, it integrates with your systems to respond accurately to their question and quickly resolve their query.

When the chatbot cannot resolve the issue, it will transition the chat to an agent providing a full transcription of the conversation to avoid repetition and ensure a seamless customer experience.


Review and Analyse

The intuitive user interface allows you to simply set up successful call flows, and dashboard reporting provides visibility on what you can optimise for continued success. You can train your bot by adding new intents and utterances, meaning that with more data, your bot has the ability to handle increasingly complex queries.


How will the AI chatbot integrate with our existing systems?

Our Chatbot is designed to complement any existing infrastructure, integrating seamlessly with existing systems such as Genesys, Avaya, Cisco, BT and more.

What channels can the AI chatbot support?

Chatbot works seamlessly across all of your communication channels, including SMS, voice (IVR), email, WhatsApp, Web Chat, Facebook Messenger, RCS and more.

How does the AI chatbot handle complex customer queries or issues it cannot resolve?

Chatbot can recognise your customers’ past interactions and queries as they move between touchpoints to guarantee a connected and consistent experience across these channels.

As customers move from one channel to the next during their lifecycle, they are instantly recognised, and their queries can be picked up without any repetition. Supported by deep integrations into your back-end systems, Chatbot provides your customers with immediate responses to complex and specific queries – such as account inquiries, delivery updates, meter readings and more.

What level of customisation and personalisation is possible with the AI chatbot’s responses?

For example, Chatbot can help increase sales by offering personalised product recommendations based on customer preferences. Whether it’s by asking a series of qualifying questions or pulling in data you already have, you can build solid relationships that deliver higher customer lifetime value.

Can the AI chatbot be trained to understand industry-specific terminology and jargon?

Yes, as it can be trained – it can respond to any query, as generic as “where is my order?” or “opening hours”, or specific questions in relation to industry, meaning it can pick up on whole queries – depending on the organisation’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) library.

What metrics and analytics are available to measure the effectiveness and performance of the AI chatbot?

This is dependent on the organisations KPIs, for example –

Number of X calls being deflected

Overall cost savings of X

NPS and CSAT scores increased by X

What training and support will our agents need to work effectively with the AI chatbot?

This is very specific – is this in relation to our relationship or generic? Each organisation will have their own process on this.

How scalable is the AI chatbot solution?

Chatbot can help businesses grow and scale with ease – they learn over time, driving continuous improvement to your digital customer service and enhancing the overall experience.

Thanks to machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP), Chatbots can be effective ambassadors for your brand, speaking in line with your tone of voice and responding to customer intent. Driven by the latest advancements in AI technologies, Chatbot enables effective self-service at scale.

How quickly can we expect tangible benefits after deploying the AI chatbot?

For example, thanks to implementing Chatbots across their telephony lines, one of our banking clients has increased their CES score from 42 points to 58 points in less than 3 months.

How often does the AI chatbot require updates or maintenance, and what is the process for managing these updates?

This is very specific – is this in relation to our relationship or generic? Each organisation will have their own process on this.

The AI Butterfly Effect: Its Impact on CX and EX

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