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Auto dialler software: Increase sales, boost productivity, and save time.

Automated Call Dialling

Built for contact centres, by contact centre experts


96% of customers say MaxContact is easy to use


Spend 2–3 times longer speaking to actual people compared to manual dialling


Average increase in sales revenue

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Increase profitability and productivity with our cloud-based dialler

Provide a better customer experience

Speak to the right customers at the right time, whether it’s a sales call, a follow-up or a request for payment. Automated dialling means less effort for better results. Win-win, you might say.

Deliver results for BPOs

Get the best results for your clients’ needs with one of the fastest predictive diallers on the market. It helps you maintain data security, integrity and makes zero dropped calls achievable.

Proactive debt recovery

Recover outstanding debt without the legwork. Segment data easily and prioritise calls to make the most of your time.

Easier outbound sales and telesales

Make a hard job easier using call dialling software. Automatically dial more of the people you want, when you want, without wasting time waiting to hit voicemails. Prioritising data and developing contact strategies has never been easier.

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Improve employee wellbeing

Call centres are busy, high-energy environments, and with staff retention being at an all time low, positive employment experiences have never been more important.

See MaxContact's dialler in action

In just 30 minutes you will see how you can:

  • Set up new campaigns and teams in minutes
  • Prioritise the right contact, at the right time
  • Create and edit complex, branching logic scripts
  • Automate post-interaction actions based on call outcomes
  • Use Bulk SMS, one to one SMS, email and WhatsApp
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