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Our Platform > Security & Compliance

Security you can trust, with built-in compliance

MaxContact is built security-first, so you can be sure your organisation is secure and compliant.

Keeping your data secure and compliant using industry-standard development practices and multi-layered security is central to our approach.

Data security

Data is protected with security at every level, from the browser all the way through to the SaaS backend. Using Azure, information is stored and encrypted at rest. It’s monitored using antivirus and threat detection and protected using key vaults including SSL encryption over the internet, token and multi-factor authentications and data encryption across the platform. So you can be sure you’re handling data securely and compliantly.

Services at the heart of the MaxContact communicate over private, SSL secured network connections. SSL secured databases hold all your customer data and are housed in their private security zones with no external access. We encrypt data at rest to have a high level of intrusion and data exfiltration prevention.

Audited for peace of mind

Our platform is heavily audited for changes, reviewed by our security professionals and automatically scanned for common vulnerabilities and code errors on every build before being deployed into production environments.

Compliance and security in one

MaxContact is ISO27001, and Cyber Essentials certified, so you can be sure we keep yours and your customer’s data safe and compliant. Our payment solutions are PCI-level 1 compliant, and our SaaS application is housed in Microsoft Azure offering the highest security and compliance credentials.

Private, segregated, and secure

We don’t use any shared services for the security core of your infrastructure. Your network is fully isolated from others, and you are provided with your own network, app services, key vaults and recording storage.

Your MaxContact platform can be built over the internet or as an extension to your network – on-net – so no data is sent over any public internet connections using Microsoft ExpressRoute or VPN solutions.

Stay compliant with secure call recordings

All your calls are recorded free of charge and without limits, offering you peace of mind that you’ve got a record of all your communications. And, don’t worry if you’re taking payments using DTMF masking, call recordings are paused until the payment process is complete.

Trusted by regulators

With multi-layered security architecture, MaxContact is a trusted supplier to industries regulated by Ofcom, FCA, PCI-DSS and GDPR. We have high availability, full anonymisation and pseudonymisation functionality with full disaster recovery and 99.99% uptime guaranteed.

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Security and compliance

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