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Our Platform > Integrations

Connecting the software you need into one seamless environment

Join the MaxContact ecosystem for uninterrupted engagement experiences

“Whether it’s the leading SaaS in its field or an internal app unique to your company, we add integrations to MaxContact all the time. Our in-house development team can connect your key software and apps for a seamless workday.”

Chris Beedham, Head of Software Development

Existing core integrations include:

CRM & support

Ensure your critical customer data is aligned across your business and allow your teams to access, add or change data in the moment – in one place.

Finance & payments

Add payment functionality into your IVR, or even use financial data to share existing balances or when payments are due.


We partner with global leading telecoms and tech providers to give you the best call quality but a reliable and stable platform.

Data and Insight

We’re building on our API-driven data and insight partnerships all the time to ensure you have all the functionality you need within one platform. So if you’ve got an application that you couldn’t face to lose – get in touch.

Strategic integrations


Data & Insight

CRM & Support



Bespoke integrations

Over 80% of our clients have some form of integration using MaxContact, so if you need custom software integration to connect the dots, our in-house development and project delivery team can make it happen.

Over 80% of our clients have
some form of integration
using MaxContact

Developing MaxContact

Over 50% of the MaxContact team are dedicated to continually developing the future of our platform so whether that’s improving the current functionality, introducing new features and services or making MaxContact even easier to use – we’ve got big plans and are committed to delivering on them.

We share our roadmap to indicate what is coming and when, and keep our customers updated every quarter.

Maximising functionality

Our in-house developers follow strict design specs to ensure you benefit from more features more often.

Staying focused on delivery

We use sprints to focus and fit as much as we can into the development timeframe, with new releases typically every 2 weeks.

Testing, testing

Before we release any updates we put new functionality through a wide range of tests, in our lab environment, internally and beta clients, ahead of giving it the seal of approval.

Integrate to make life easier

If you would like to discuss specific software integrations to make your workflow, speak to our teams to get the ball rolling.

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