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Find out how MaxContact helps businesses like yours.

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Our Platform > Business Continuity

Keep the show on the road

Your business works effortlessly with a platform to rely on and a team that always has your back.

When it comes to keeping your business going, you need a platform you can be confident in. WIth MaxContact, you have our whole team in your corner and a resilient, secure, cloud-based platform you can believe in.

Resilience from cloud-based infrastructure

With cloud-based solutions, your team can be based anywhere in the world, and you can easily manage multi-site operations and remote working or simply enjoy the freedom that comes with a resilient cloud-based setup.

We house all of our technology in Microsoft Azure’s cloud services, utilising the strongest security models they provide, giving you a stable, secure infrastructure you can trust.

Redundant & monitored

You want a platform that won’t let you down, which is why we proactively monitor the ecosystem. Our platform includes warning, fault and diagnostic tools, which, along with our expert team, will keep your software running smoothly.

It’s architected redundantly (there’s multiple of everything), so even if an entire data centre goes down in Azure – which doesn’t happen often – your platform is kept up and running.

Managed and maintained

Your solution is managed and maintained by our team to deliver 99.999% uptime. It’s one less thing to think about when you have a busy day ahead.

Bespoke SLAs to meet your expectations

To meet your standards of service, we work with you using the ITIL framework. ITIL is the benchmark to deliver software as a service and can help you to manage risk and build a stable environment flexible enough to grow and scale.

Supported by our team of experts

Our experts have a wide range of experience, in the industry, specialist expertise in development and delivering outstanding customer service, so we’re always on hand for your team.

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