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AI Speech Analytics to understand the 'why' behind every call

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We keep you in control across your whole contact centre ecosystem.

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Powering better conversation outcomes in your contact centre.

With MaxContact’s cloud contact centre platform, have more conversations, improve customer experience, and make data-driven decisions to drive growth.

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Maximise your outbound team’s performance  

Have more conversations with the right people at the right time with MaxContact’s automated contact data prioritisation and compliant outbound dialling.

“Having the combined functionality of both predictive and progressive dialling has increased contact rates from 7.5% to 18%, which in turn has had a positive impact on success rates.” 
Paul STA International

Multi-tasking made easier, handle omnichannel inbound and outbound conversations seamlessly

Make the most of every minute with MaxContact’s outbound, inbound and omnichannel blended functionality. Meet customers where they are, respond to inbound contact and perform outbound activity.  

“Now we have web chat and email which we didn’t have before, and we’re soon going to be moving to a blended web chat and outbound dialler functionality, which will be great and efficient.” 
Karl Honey Group

Compliant dialling, secure payments & integrated into your business  

Tick the compliance boxes with Ofcom-compliant dialling and PCI-compliant payment processing. Bring contact centre conversations into the heart of your business with CRM and telephony integration with MaxContact’s secure cloud-based contact centre solution.  

‘MaxContact is the glue that connects our CRM to our telephony payment service.’
COO Lantern UK

Spokn AI – Speech Analytics

Make better business decisions and understand the ‘why’ behind 100% of your contact centre conversations.

Spokn AI speech analytics is simple to set up, easy to understand and provides sophisticated insights at the click of a button.

Intelligent Customer Contact to Drive Business Results and Efficiency



Contact Hub

Tailored to your needs

Giving You Results to Shout About


Increase in productivity utilising the MaxContact dialler


Reduction in handling time to increase agent efficiency


Reduction in time spent onboarding new campaigns for BPOs

Experience MaxContact’s contact centre software

Power your outbound teams

Set up new campaigns and teams in minutes. Prioritise the right contact and match contacts with the right agent at the right time. 

Build agent efficiency

Create and edit complex, branching logic scripts. Automate post-interaction actions based on call outcomes. Make work easier with MaxContact’s Contact Hub.  

AI insights increase performance

Use conversation insights to make better business decisions and tailor agent coaching and quality assurance.  

Multichannel multitasking

Create a team of multitaskers with inbound and outbound multichannel contact management.