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Contact Centre Software for the Public Sector

Overcome demand and drive exceptional customer experiences

Empower your team to overcome the challenges of high call volumes, complex enquiries, and outdated technology. Improve data security, staffing efficiencies and streamline operations with MaxContact’s contact centre software.

Omnichannel functionality across voice, chat, email, and social media

Empower agents to deliver improved customer experiences

Flexibility and scalability to meet demand

Achieve your goals

Provide efficient and helpful service to customers through features such as call routing, call backs and PCI-compliant payment gateway

Enhance Experiences

Handle inquiries promptly, providing accurate information though canned responses and AI Chatbot functionality to resolve issues effectively.

Improve Accessibility

Offer multiple contact channels (phone, email, webchat) and clear information resources

Increase Efficiency

Utilise self-service options, and IVRs to manage routine enquiries.

Increase CSAT Scores

Track and monitor performance against targets and look for training opportunities with coaching functionality

How MaxContact Supports Public Sector Contact Centres

Core solutions

Automate payment processes

Secure Payment Solutions

Set up PCI-DSS compliant payment phone lines, take secure assisted payments, add the ability to pay online by link and automate payment workflows.


Call Backs

Avoid customer frustration during busy periods by providing them with a queue position and calling them back when they reach the front.

Easily Automate Messages

Resolve simple queries using IVR technology, easily set up with our drag and drop functionality.

Analytics, AI & Optimisation

Real-time Agent Coaching & Call Monitoring

Improve agent communication skills and ensures compliance.

Ready to report

Understand the ‘why’

Make better business decisions and understand the ‘why’ behind 100% of your contact centre conversations.

Solutions that work hard for you

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