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MaxContact for Utilities


Evolve your communications & maximise team performance

Give your teams the tools they need to work smarter, sell more and provide exceptional customer service.

Handle customer queries faster

Manage all customer communications in one platform

Benefit from integrated PCI-DSS payment solutions

Achieve your goals

Ensure smooth customer interaction, address inquiries promptly, and provide a positive experience for customers managing their utility services

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Use IVR systems allow customers to resolve simple issues like checking bills, reporting outages, or updating account 24/7 information without needing to speak to an agent

Improve First Call Resolution (FCR)

Use a centralised repository of information that allows agents to quickly access relevant answers, procedures, and troubleshooting steps to resolve customer issues efficiently

Increase Operational Efficiency

WFM software helps with scheduling, forecasting call volumes, and ensuring adequate staffing levels to meet customer demand efficiently.

Reduce Costs

Utilise self serve options empowering customers to resolve basic issues themselves reduces the burden on agents and lowers overall operating costs.

How MaxContact helps utilities businesses

Core solutions

Automate payment processes

Secure Payment Solutions

Set up PCI-DSS compliant payment phone lines, take secure assisted payments, add the ability to pay online by link and automate payment workflows.

Handle Routine Questions

Customers can access their account information, make payments, or report meter readings through an automated IVR system, reducing the need for agent interaction for simple inquiries.

Skill-based routing

Based on the reported issue (e.g., power outage), the call gets routed to the most appropriate team for faster response

AI Powered chatbot

Interactive online forms with clear instructions can guide customers through the service request process efficiently

Ready to report

Call Recording and Quality Monitoring

With unlimited call storage and AI speech analysis you can understand how your agents handle complaints and where there is opportunity to improve

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