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Outbound dialling and self serve contact centre software for debt collection

Increase collection rates by connecting to the right person more often while maintaining compliance and offering self serve options.

Improve Debt Collection rate with Contact Centre Software

Our call centre software solutions help credit and debt collection teams accelerate recoveries. Speak to clients more often. Text them reminders. Offer self-serve. Give your customers choice and watch collection rates soar.

Cost Per Collect

Reduce the amount of interactions needed to resolve debt

Average Handle Time

With canned responses and bespoke scripting you can reduce AHT

Right Party Contact

Improve RPC Rate with our un-droppable algorithm and advanced dialling methods

First Contact Resolution

Measure your FCR rate and improve with Spokn AI (Speech Analytics) to improve agent performance.

Increase Success Rates With Advanced Outbound Dialling.

Core solutions

Automate payment processes

Secure Payment Solutions

Set up PCI-DSS compliant payment phone lines, take secure assisted payments, add the ability to pay online by link and automate payment workflows.


Omnichannel engagement platform 

Provides multiple channels for reaching debtors.

Predictive Dialling & Do Not Call Compliance

Increases contact rates while adhering to regulations. 

Analytics, AI & Optimisation

Improve performance

Real-time Agent Coaching & Call Monitoring

Improve collector communication skills and ensures compliance.

Ready to report

Spokn AI

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Provides data-driven insights to optimise collection strategies.

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Debt Collection FAQs

What is a debt collection call centre?

A debt collection call center is a place dedicated to helping individuals resolve unpaid bills. Its team of agents specialises in understanding debt and working out solutions with people who might be behind on payments. These debts can be for many things, like credit cards, medical bills, or even past-due rent.

What is debt collection call centre software?

Debt collection call center software is a suite of tools designed to streamline the accounts receivable process for creditors and improve the customer experience for debtors.

What does debt collection software do?

  • Enhanced Workflow Management: Software automates repetitive tasks like dialling, skipping busy signals, and leaving pre-recorded messages, freeing agents to focus on personalised communication with debtors.
  • Omnichannel Communication: The software facilitates outreach through various channels, such as phone calls, emails, text messages, and even live chat, providing debtors with flexible options to connect and discuss their accounts.
  • Secure Payment Processing: Integrated payment gateways allow debtors to settle their outstanding balances conveniently during a call or through a secure online portal.
  • Regulatory Compliance Support: The software helps agents adhere to industry regulations by flagging potential compliance concerns and maintaining a detailed record of all debtor communication.
  • Data-driven Insights: Real-time reports and analytics empower managers to monitor agent performance, identify trends in payment behaviour, and optimise collection strategies for improved recovery rates.

Debt collection call centre software fosters a collaborative environment where agents can efficiently manage accounts receivable, ensure regulatory adherence, and provide debtors with multiple avenues to resolve their outstanding obligations.