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Customer stories

Find out how our innovative partners work with MaxContact to improve customer engagement and grow their businesses.

ICX MaxContact Case Study Customer Stories


ICX, a prominent player in the automotive industry, grappled with operational inefficiencies caused by their on-premise contact system, resulting in frequent glitches and hampering their growth potential. In search of a more suitable solution, they turned to MaxContact, whose flexible cloud-based system, strong support, and transparent collaboration proved instrumental in streamlining ICX’s operations. This shift allowed them to offer omnichannel solutions, enhance productivity, and better manage high-profile clients, ultimately enabling ICX to deliver superior customer experiences, efficiently scale their resources, and drive sustainable growth.

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H&T Group

Britain’s largest pawnbrokers, H&T, were frustrated by the lack of flexibility from their traditional physical dialler solution that was hampering growth. MaxContact’s solution has unlocked business flexibility, allowing for flexible support and happier teams.

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Compare My Insurance

Commercial insurance services provider, Compare My Insurance, were frustrated by their previous system which meant they weren’t dealing with customers efficiently and were missing out on opportunities. MaxContact’s solution has provided stability and reliability, boosting contact rates and efficiencies.

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Honey Group

Estate planning and wealth management experts, Honey Group, were frustrated as their previous system couldn’t keep up with increased data deliveries resulting in CRM integration issues and an overall lack of efficiency that impacted productivity. MaxContact’s solution has provided them with the scalability and agility they need to succeed now, and in the future.

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100% UK-based support team. 97% customer satisfaction rating. Feel supported at every step.

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