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MaxContact for support teams

Seamless customer support

All the tools your support team needs to give the best service and improve their skills.

The 360° multi-channel support experience

Easy all-in-one platform for customer issues

Full visibility to monitor and review interactions

For support agents

For support leaders

Using MaxContact for your support team

Multichannel interactions

Deliver a streamlined support experience, whether your customers prefer email, SMS, web chat, WhatsApp or calling.

Manage your performance

Review past interactions and monitor your overall performance to ensure you’re on target to hit your KPIs and meet your SLAs.

Personalise each customer interaction

Your customers choose their preferred communication channel and you have all their interaction history in one place, so your team can provide efficient personalised support and improved resolution times.

Work from anywhere

Whether you’re working from home or in a support centre, MaxContact’s web based SaaS platform, with optional integrated softphone, makes connecting to your customers simple.

Support all in one place

Cut time wasted bouncing between multiple systems and platforms with MaxContact’s all-in-one platform, so you can deliver seamless customer interactions.

Using MaxContact for support leaders

Ensure tickets never get dropped

All your interactions can be handled within one simple platform, making it easier to track customer communication and prevent missing a customer ticket again.

Effortless customer interactions

Easily manage interaction routing to connect customers to the best suited user every time, ensuring issues are solved quickly and efficiently.

Clear sight of your team’s performance

With MaxContact, you’ll always have full visibility of your team, with both real time and historical data to understand how each team member is performing.

Develop your teams

Turn each customer interaction into a learning experience with proactive performance monitoring and in the moment coaching. Make sure customers get the best information and users feel confident in their work.

Reporting analytics

Our full reporting suite helps you to analyse KPIs and identify peak times for support traffic so you’ll be able to schedule staff levels with ease and optimise schedules to minimise downtime.

Core solutions

Enhanced reporting suite

Analyse and monitor the day-to-day of your support team through our comprehensive reporting suite. Define peak times, identify the high-performing support team members and reduce the likelihood of downtime.


Omnichannel engagement

Offer more interaction methods and you’ll be able handle customer requests and queries in a multitude of ways. Omnichannel makes it easier for your customers to get in touch with your support team the way they want.

Coaching and Quality Assurance

The best way to understand your customers’ concerns is through their interactions. With MaxContact, you can analyse and review interactions to help develop your team and meet your KPI’s.

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