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Workforce Management

Streamline your operations, balance resources with demand, and reduce staff churn

Workforce managment

Reach maximum performance with workforce management


Reduction in workforce costs


Reduction in attrition rates

Balance resources and demand with our WFM software

Forecasts you can trust

Use statistics to generate accurate, efficient and cost-effective workforce schedules. Build ‘what if’ scenarios – e.g. ‘what resources would I need to deliver X level of performance’ – to equip your business with the knowledge to grow.

Cut staff churn and recruitment costs

Predictive analytics means you always have the correct balance of users and skills to meet day-to-day demands and SLA targets. The result? Greater employee satisfaction, improved retention and reduced recruitment costs.

Easy scheduling – shared in a click

Automate mundane tasks like shift creation. Generate forecasts and schedules in minutes. Rotas are shared at the click of a button via email, SMS or calendar integration.

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  • What is workforce management (WFM)?
    Workforce management software optimises your team scheduling to improve customer experience.
  • How does WFM work?
    MaxContact’s WFM looks at all the interactions in your contact centre and business and uses statistical analysis to make sure that you have the right number of staff in place, with the right skills, to meet your goals. At the same time, it keeps staff levels and costs to a minimum.

    With the in-built agent self-scheduling tool, your team is able to submit availability, specify preferred working times, manage holidays and request shift swaps, all through a secure self-service web portal or mobile app.
  • What are the benefits of WFM in a call centre?
    Manually processing data from systems, tracking, assessing, balancing demand and all necessary metrics takes vast amounts of time and costly resources. Workforce management systems reduce the need for manual work, freeing up valuable time for other tasks.

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