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Improve agent performance, reduce errors, and increase customer satisfaction

Better scripting leads to better outcomes

Conversation scripting and workflows for call centres

Create and edit complex conversation scripts

Ask the right questions, counter objections and lead conversations forward. Good scripts lead to great results. Create and adapt scripts for calls, webchats and email with our easy-to-use drag and drop editing tool.

Built-in data validation on calls

Create scripts that validate crucial data, whether that’s simple information like email addresses and phone numbers, or more complex information for credit checks.

Build winning workflows

Design flexible customer journeys with built-in triggers. Automatically send emails, SMS and invites and reminders for follow-up calls.

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Scripting FAQs

  • What is call scripting?
    Call scripting is the practice of creating clear, concise conversation scripts for your teams and let them steer better conversations. Scripts can be as straightforward or complex as you need. Use our tools to add questions, create branching paths, and integrate third-party data.
  • How does call centre scripting software scripting work?
    Team leaders can write flows and conversation scripts that will be presented to your teams with useful in-the-moment information on one screen. You can even make script changes on the fly, or revert to a previous version with a quick click.
  • What are the benefits of conversation scripting?
    There are many benefits including delivering consistent customer service communications, improving workflows, and quicker response times. Having easy-to-use templates for new call centre agents will also aid onboarding and training.

Get call centre scripting templates

Download to discover scripting examples for dealing with difficult customers through multiple channels and different use cases as well as some top tips for writing your own call centre scripts.

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