Intelligent Reporting

Don’t Just Plan for the future, Know the future

Accurate and Relevant Management Information available at your fingertips, allows you to be proactive in your decision making rather than reactive to a problem

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Complex Data, Easy Reporting

Our report suite has been designed by call centre people who have worked in the industry and have acquired considerable end user experience. This allowed us to create a unique reporting tool that meets your every need.  Giving you access to information and unique statistics you don’t see on other systems, users won’t get lost in the data, with conditional formatting we will guide them to areas that require further attention.

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It’s not all just numbers

We also have the features you require, to meet you and your clients business demands, so if you need a report sending out at 9pm everyday that is client specific, we have the tools to help you meet those demands every time.

  • Custom Reports

    Build your own custom reports with our open architecture and dedicated reporting servers

  • Schedule Reports

    Ensure everyone gets the reports they need hourly, daily, weekly or monthly with our advanced reporting scheduler.

  • Data Forever

    We never delete your data, so you will be able to report on it forever, allowing for big data trend analysis

We Provide Answers, Not Just Information

Our reports are built, and continue to be built, based on years of reviewing systems and feedback from clients.  We don’t just focus on sales performance, some other areas include:


Reporting including status targeting, break and attendance reports and much more

Data Analysis

Including return on investment per data set and per supplier to analyse data performance

Trend Analysis

Trend analysis, look at performance metrics over long periods of time to notice trends throughout the business

Sales Performance

Sales performance, with analysis on  key metrics such as calls to sale on data sets and agents or tracking of average attempts to sale

These unique insights allow you to make informed decisions to increase performance across the entire business

The Data is in the Detail

We make sense of data and present it in an easy to understand format, that will allow you to turn data into knowledge, providing answers, not information, empowering your business to focus on driving performance.

  • Make Team-work

    Compare teams stats like for like to create a competitive, informative environment.

  • See what is really happening

    With deep dive reporting don’t just guess what is happening prove what is happening.

  • Targeting

    with conditional formatting reports you can highlight areas of issue quickly and easily

Try MaxContact today and see how it can help your business.


We have been able to identify problems areas within the business, backed up with hard evidence that previously we could only guess at

AllanDialler Manager

We have been really happy with the reporting suite, Data supplier performance with ROI was amazing for us and has saved us a fortune on data costs

AnonymousCampaign Manager