Self Service IVR.

The IVR is often the first interaction that your customers and prospects have when they call your contact centre, so providing a good first impression is key. Consumers are now very used to dealing with IVR’s and are often keen to use them to perform simple tasks such as providing meter readings rather than waiting in a queue to speak to an advisor. By providing self service options within your IVR this allows your contact centre to be operational 24/7 without any additional cost, whilst reducing the quantity of calls your advisors have to handle saving time and money. Allowing your advisors to deal with complex queries and escalations.

Below are the benefits one MaxContact Customer received following the introduction of our Self Service IVR

22 %

Reduction In Handling Time

36 %

Reduction In Calls Requiring Agent Involvement

83 %

Increase in SLA Achievement

Key Features -

Completing tasks such as ID&V (identification and Verification) within the IVR provides a better customer experience, when an agent is needed this information is sent through to the advisor screen. Presenting the customer details within the MaxContact Agent application or within your CRM reduces average handling time as the agent can receive a notification that DPA has already been passed allowing them to start handling the customers query straight away.

The introduction of Self service will also improve first contact resolution, information captured within the IVR can be used to route the customers call to the correct department and the most appropriately skilled advisor first time reducing repeat contacts, saving time and money and increasing customer satisfaction.

Reduction In Repeat Contacts
Improvement in C-SAT
Improvment In First Contact Resolution

Features You Will Love

You Want it, We've Got it.

Virtual Queue

Allow Users to save their place in the queue and then receive a call back once they reach the front of the queue providing your customers with a a great service and convenience.

Interactive Voice Messaging

Can be used to supplement outbound calling campaigns with automated outbound phone calls, providing your customers with a personalised bespoke message regarding payment or appointment reminders with the ability to route the call to an advisor if the customer requires further information


Text to Speech

Speech Synthesis converts data held within your MaxContact database and presents audio to your customer using a human sounding voice.


Add to do not call

Save Agent Interaction allowing users to automatically remove themselves from the calling lists through the IVR


Data Lookups

Link to MaxContact database or external databases via webservice/API or direct database access to dynamically route calls or present information to the customer via Text to Speech


Customisable Agent Notifications

Allows you to set specific agent alerts when the call is delivered so that agents can quickly identify which queue the call was delivered from.


Future Proofed For Your Convience

Providing a self service solution is a great first step but ensuring that it can be changed to meet customer demands allowing for ongoing personalisation and improvements is essential. Many IVR providers don’t provide you with the tools to make your own changes therefore changes they make on your behalf incur a professional services invoice. With MaxContacts drag and drop IVR designer you can:
  • Make changes to your IVR in real time
  • Setup new routes and queues in minutes.
  • Allow operational staff to make changes to the IVR to meet business requirements without involving any technical resources.

Interested in automating payments within you IVR?

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