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How MaxContact can help you get ahead in your sector

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Our Q3 Product Roadmap

We don’t just talk the talk; over 50% of the MaxContact team is dedicated to ‘walking the walk’ and continually developing the future of MaxContact. Whether improving the current functionality, introducing new features and services, or making MaxContact even easier to use – we’ve got big plans and are committed to delivering on them.

What's Coming in Q3 2023?

We share our roadmap to show what’s coming and when, but please note that as our business and the market change, so can our roadmap – don’t worry; We will keep you updated every quarter.

Our Q3 Roadmap Plans

Skill-Based Routing for Outbound Calls

Skill-based routing will match agents with customers based on their tagged ‘skills’.

This advanced routing matches each outbound call to the most qualified agent, increasing the chances of success and allowing agents to leverage their expertise.

Doing so, improves efficiencies, increases success rates and provides a better customer experience. [Priority]

Transcribe Calls

You’ve told us you need transcriptions for training, quality checking, and legal purposes. 

All calls will be automatically transcribed with the option to download.  [Priority]

Infrastructure Improvement

We’re segregating some of the core functionality– this infrastructure improvement will separate the systems, meaning better speeds, greater resilience, and the ability to scale. [Priority]

WebAgent Redesign

You, our customers, are guiding the redesign of the WebAgent user interface. We’re working with you and listening to your needs to ensure WebAgent is the most intuitive and easy-to-use platform. 

The redesign will not only look better but there will also be more included. The new look will allow us to introduce additional features to better support your agents in their roles. 

We are also using this opportunity to update the system architecture. While you won’t be able to see this, you will notice the difference in performance, allowing us and you to scale seamlessly. [Work in Progress]

Dynamic IVR Routing via Phone

The ability to update your IVR routing from anywhere with your phone. We know it’s not always possible to gain quick access to your laptop – with this update, you can call into your IVR system and make the necessary changes. [Priority]

Additional Security for Dynamic Nailup

Sometimes you will be handling sensitive calls and want to make sure you’re connecting the call to a specific phone; with this feature, you can request that a secure pin be entered before the call is connected.

To avoid transferring the calls to somebody outside the desired routing, the pin validation adds additional security and protects against human error. [Priority]

Update Sound Files by Phone

Customers would like a way to call into the IVR system to re-record messages quickly. With this update, you can dial into your IVR system, record a message and automatically override one or multiple sound files via your phone without additional actions. [Priority]





Automated Testing

This update will run automated tests across the platform code and front-end systems.

More robust testing means a high-quality product with no to minimal downtime. [Priority]

Self-Serve Single Sign On (SSO)

If you already use our SSO service, you can log in to your MaxContact Platform with credentials that match your existing systems. You’ll soon have visibility on all permissions and the ability to make changes to support your agent’s login journey.

When we’ve completed this improvement, you can fully configure the Single Sign-On via your Manager Portal to control the process end-to-end. [Priority]

Skill-Based Routing Reporting & Improvements

As we introduce skill-based routing for outbound calls, we want to give you greater visibility of how this new way of dialling is performing.

We’ll look at what the reports should include to improve your business processes and performance.

Based on your feedback we’ll also look to make improvements to how the skill-based routing works. [Discovery]

Interface Improvements for Campaign Manager

We asked you what would make the campaign manager even better, and you said to ‘fix’ the navigation so you can always reference the figures you’re looking at. So, this is up next. 

We’ll be improving the page’s overall readability and visual design to make finding and distinguishing between campaigns and lists easier. [Priority]