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Our Q2 Product Roadmap

Discover the latest upgrades, features, and innovations that will shape your experience.

This isn’t just a roadmap; it’s our commitment to constant improvement. Join us as we redefine what’s possible—your journey into the future starts here.

What's Coming in Q2 2024?

We share our roadmap to show what’s coming and when, but please note that as businesses and markets change, so can our roadmap – don’t worry; We’ll keep you updated every quarter.

Our Q2 Roadmap Plans

Contact Hub (formely known as Web Agent)

MaxContact’s agent user interface lets you deal with your customer, not your dialler.

Designed with agents, for agents – it’s intuitive and functional for more speed and improved accuracy. Removing distractions so your agents can focus on what matters.

These are just some of the cool new features you can explore:

  • Improve dispositioning accuracy
  • User-to-user warm transfer
  • A consolidated notes view
  • The ability to select which call queues you want to “go ready” on

Spokn AI Improvements

As we continue to build on our AI Roadmap, we’ll be adding enhancements to Spokn AI, our Speech Analytics platform –as well as developing our quality assurance offering, providing contact centres with even greater capabilities to manage performance and uncover insights.

Digital Transcript Download

Digital transcript download is a much-requested feature. This quarter we’ll be delivering this functionality across Web Chat, Email and SMS, including any attachments.


Delete Call Recordings

We know you need to be able to manage your data for GDPR and compliance purposes – with call recording deletion, you can delete recordings when needed and it can all be done by you, within the platform, without the need for MaxContact support.

Delete Digital Attachments

As more interactions move online, more personal details are shared for processing. With Digital Attachment Deletion, as well as editing transcripts, you can delete selected attachments, allowing you to stay on top of GDPR and compliance standards.

Contact Level Time Zones

Manage global interactions from anywhere. With contact level time zones feature release, you can import contacts and select a calling time (from the permitted range), all in a single target list.

Your contacts will be called at the right time for their time zone, meaning you don’t have to do the maths!