Custom Solutions

Create scripts that improve sales and customer service performance across the business. Validation and branch logic allows you to create scripts so that agents can react to questions, deal with objections and guide the client to the best outcome.

Use your data to sell, up-sell and gather information so that you can reduce procurement. It’s easy to use and still feature rich.

Workflow Process

Automatically trigger events to execute workflow processes such as sending an email, SMS or setting up a follow up call on another campaign. Giving your customers a professional customer journey and improving retention and acquisition.

Complete  Validation

Using built-in validation on important fields such as email address and phone numbers ensure your team are capturing the correct information every time, which reduces sales rejections from processing systems or QA.

Capturing Screens

Capturing Screens - Our software has the ability to easily build and customise screens to display and capture the customer information that your business requires.

Intelligent Branching

With intelligent branch logic, you can optimise your teams call handling process and call flow, making information gathering easy and seamless.

Real Time Changes

With real-time changes available to end users as they are made, you can react to the ever changing client and business requirements as and when they happen.

HTML Email and SMS

Keep customers informed every step of the way with professional HTML emails and SMS notifications, you can go that extra mile to improve the customer journey.


Use the MaxContact scripting tool to effectively feed data onto external systems, using various exporting tools such as web services or automated imports.

Custom Fields

Dynamically create custom fields, with no data capture limitations and simple to use data creation and text editing you will be up and running in no time.

Key Features

What we can offer you

Stop/start call recordings

Stop and start call recordings on button press or page load.

Transfer from scripts

Transfer calls from the script, to skill, off site or to an agent directly.

Version history

With every version saved you can quickly revert back to an old version and work on a live script without effecting the call centre.


Create complex calculations that drive answers and script directions.

JS editor

If we don’t have the feature, no problem, write custom JS code to do well…. anything.

Embedded web page

Embed web pages with URL query parser to pass information from the script to the web page.

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