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Automated Speech Transcription can automate the call classification process and better understand the component parts of every interaction. The DNA of calls is automatically analysed to provide a true picture of agent performance and against set benchmarks. Sentiment within interactions can also be identified based on the incidence of positive or negative words and phrases.

Auto Completion of quality assessment forms can be achieved, highlighting high risk or low quality calls to the Quality Assurance and Management Teams, saving time and money.

MaxContact’s Speech Analytics not only completes the analysis of customer interactions but also allows for the information to be presented to employees in an easy to understand format such as Live Dashboards.

Historical Reporting with Trend Analysis is also a key component of the system, whether you want to see Root Cause Analysis to identify the reason why you are receiving the interactions or to find the reason behind increased interaction volumes.

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      Its our key features that set us apart from the competition

      With benchmarking against other Speech Analytics tools in the market MaxContact delivers class leading levels of accuracy making it a viable solution to enhance customer experience whilst achieving a rapid Return on Investment.

      Gone are the days Speech Analytics requires large capital expenditure and was only available to blue chip organisations with millions of pounds technology budget. MaxContact Speech Analytics is available for a cost effective monthly fee allowing it to become part of your operational running costs.

      Allows you to build your own Quality Assurance Forms for each area of the business to ensure calls are being graded and scored against your unique set of requirements. Calls can be automatically scored against Quality Assessment Forms or delivered via workflows to the work trays of the Quality Assurance Team. Interactions can automatically be tagged to categorise the type of interaction e.g. Complaint, Compliance or Wow Call.

      Assessment Calibrations allow for you to monitor the quality assurance teams performance ensuring a consistent assessment of interactions across the contact centre.

      MaxContact Speech Analytics drives performance by allowing every agent interaction to be checked for cross selling opportunities, the use of best practice and appropriate closing techniques. Valuable information can be mined from live and historical interaction such as competitor information and common objections which can then become the basis for further training. Agents are quickly presented with scores on their interaction, areas of concern and suggestions for improvements, rapidly increasing their chances of success.

      Compliance monitoring will be significantly improved, MaxContact Speech Analytics analyses every customer interaction compared to a very small percentage when contact centre are completing their quality assessments manually.

      In a typical contact centre environment we have found that just 4.8% of all calls are analysed for compliance, quality and best practice meaning without Speech Analytics over 95% of interactions with customers and prospects are not being monitored.

      With Regulations and Compliance becoming tighter, the cost associated with ensuring compliance is signficantly increasing. MaxContact’s Speech Analytics allow you to increase Compliance by monitoring 100% of interactions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, whilst reducing your staffing costs.

      Case Study

      Utilita were using an on-premises dialler solution for several years. This initially worked well for them, however over time they faced numerous challenges with their existing solution. Find out how Max Contact helped them overcome their problems.



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