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With our dedicated UK based support team and dedicated account managers you will always have the support you need.

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Service Matters

Okay, we know support isn’t a feature, but its probably one of the most important parts of the equation when looking at a new partner for your business.

After-all it is the number 1 reason clients leave their existing suppliers and move to us, so why us?

Why we’re the Best

1st Line Support 2 Years Experience

Scripting Meeting

Free Training

With initial on-site training from installation, regular in house face to face training and webinars all FREE OF CHARGE, you can keep staff up to date with the latest features and empower them to react to your needs.

2nd Line Support 5 Years Experience

Expert Support

You can be sure you are supported by one of the best teams in the business, with expert staff in every field, who understand different market sectors and the specific needs in the contact centre industry.

3rd Line Support 8 Years Experience

Self Service

Access our unique help centre for articles guiding you through our unique software. They offer suppport as well as a great reference guide or training material for your staff.

Key Features

  • Future Proof

    With our continuous improvement strategy and with over £600,000 / year of investment back into the product, you can be sure you will always have the latest cutting edge technology to meet business needs.

  • Fast Response Times

    We guarantee fast support times, we take every case seriously and invest heavily in our support team.  With a 98% customer satisfaction rating given by our clients, we strive to deliver the best business support we can.

  • Client

    Get your own portal to view your tickets and open cases to make sure everyone in the business knows what is in progresss.

  • Professional Service

    We’ll partner with you to help you get the most of the system, tell us what you want to do, we will tell you the best way to achieve it.

Skill List

  • Security and fraud prevention.
  • Local area networks
  • Wide area networks.
  • Desktop Support
  • SIP Servers and stacks
  • SIP and RTP issue management
  • PCI compliant payment solutions.
  • CRM database integration
  • SIP telephones and soft phones.
  • PCs and Thin client terminals.
  • SQL databases.
  • Complete Development Expertise
  • Global carrier origination and termination
  • Linux and Windows servers.
  • Virtualisation VMWare, AZURE
  • High availability and business continuity
  • Business process and workflow automation.
  • Web RTC
  • Global carrier origination and termination
  • Call centre offshoring
  • Contact centre performance consultation
  • Project Management
  • Speech analytics
  • Work Force Management