For your Convenience

MaxContact has been built from the ground up with the latest technologies to be truly hosted. Deliver your contact centre anywhere in the world and partner with a hosted specialist. Whether you require Multi-site operations, home workers or simply the comfort of resilience, we are experts in the field.

Quick Delivery

Systems can be delivered quickly and easily, with lighting fast deployment you will be up and running in no time

Up Time

With 99.999% uptime, high availability is the cornerstone of our amazing software design

UK Data Centres

You can be sure we meet the stringent data security policies you require and expect as a valued customers

MaxContact WFM integrates with all your partners including but not limited to:

Complete Security

MaxContact was designed from the ground up with high security in mind. As a conscientious supplier, we make sure that our staff security policy is as strong as our technology. We won’t ask you for your password, go into your data without consent or otherwise access your platform without prior arrangement As well as our strong staff and data access policies, we have the strongest server security technology around. We can’t decrypt your passwords meaning that no one can. We leave nothing to chance! We house all of our technology in Microsoft Azure’s cloud services, utilising the strongest security models they provide. Microsoft have the highest industry standards for security and compliance in the world, and we make sure to use a datacentre to suit your EU regulatory commitments.

Microsoft Azure platform, offers unparalleled stability with built in resilience in the event of hardware failure. With 66% of the fortune 500 companies using Microsoft azure, you too can get industrial enterprise grade cloud platform to run your business on.

MaxContact runs within an elastic clustered environment, meaning you can be confident there are no issues, with a clustered database structure, even if there is a failure, your call centre won’t be effected.

The Azure Platform comes with unlimited scalability, allowing you to focus on winning business not worrying about how to deliver it. Combined with MaxContact’s true cloud offering, multi-site, multi-tenant and unlimited scalability can be achieved at the flick of switch. All with no IT overhead managing servers and complex networks.

Monitoring Our Eco-System

Using the best tools in the industry we proactively monitor the entire eco system, so you don’t have too. With advanced warning and alerting as well as strong fault diagnostic tools, you can be sure along with our expert team we have it under control so you don’t have too.
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