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AI Academy: Fueling the Future of Contact Centres

Stay up to date with the AI revolution in contact centres and see how our software and guidance can help you transform your agent experience, customer service and sales success.

Stay on top of AI in your contact centre

Navigating the hype and buzz surrounding AI can be challenging, leaving you unsure whether to adopt the latest technology and which solutions are most suitable for your team and customers.

At MaxContact, we strive to demystify AI and offer practical advice to those seeking it. It’s important to acknowledge that the AI landscape is constantly evolving, and no one can claim to have all the answers. Additionally, your business may have unique challenges that require tailored solutions, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

AI Webinars

Ben Booth, Matthew Yates, and James Revell as they explore the impact of AI on customer and employee experience and discuss how embracing this fast-moving technology can create a profound butterfly effect, sending positive ripples throughout your entire organisation.

Our expert panel explores the buzz around this developing technology and explains what AI really means for contact centres and how you can implement it to improve efficiency.

CX Today’s Kieran Devlin is joined by CEO Ben Booth and VP of Engineering Matt Yates to discuss AI’s impact on the contact centre.

In this session, they discuss:

  • The topics range from how AI might impact both the customer and agent experience
  • How it will affect companies’ security and compliances policies
  • What the future holds for AI in the contact centre

Tired of all the AI hype and confusion? Join Garry Gormley, Founder of FAB Solutions, and Matthew Yates, VP of Engineering at MaxContact, as they cut through the noise and deliver the 10 essential truths you need to know about AI in your contact centre.

10 Things you really need to know about AI in the contact centre webinar

Helpful Resources

Is your organisation ready for the AI revolution

Customer complaints are an expected part of the job when it comes to contact centres. But if you want to reduce complaints and improve the customer experience, you have to be proactive in your approach.

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AI in Call Centres: How Will AI Impact Customer Service?

There are many benefits of AI, but speed and accuracy are two that often come up. AI tools can carefully scan huge volumes of data in seconds, and unlike humans they don’t need coffee breaks or holidays.

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What is sentiment analysis: How’s it used in call centres?

Imagine if you could hear the emotions behind every customer call? No more guessing if an interaction is positive, negative or neutral. Sentiment analysis allows call centres to understand the feelings behind the voices on the other end of the phone.

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The Impact of AI in the Contact Centre: Insights from Industry Leaders

The Top Challenges Contact Centre Leaders Are Facing and How Speech Analytics Can Solve Them

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An AI-powered Chatbot is designed to provide instant customer support and meet the growing demand for quick and accurate responses to customer queries.

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Make better decisions – faster – with AI-powered insights.

Make better business decisions and understand the ‘why’ behind 100% of your contact centre conversations.

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