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“MaxContact custom dashboards have allowed us focus on data at every level of the business”

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Real-Time Dashboards

When yesterday’s data isn’t good enough, you need to react to trends faster. Focusing on real-time information allows you to take action to what is happening in your business now. MaxContact Wallboards and Dashboards will empower your business to spot issues immediately. With our experience we have developed the most user-friendly, insightful dashboard on the market today.

Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Customisation

MaxContact Dashboards allows you to present the most important call centre metrics in one place, automatically gathering and transforming complex data into simple information your teams can easily use to improve performance.

Build dashboards for every level of the business, from team leaders, call centre managers to business owners or third party clients.  With unlimited dashboard publishing you can be sure each campaign is focusing on the targets that matter.

Key Features

Access Anywhere

Access your information from anywhere in the world with our responsive design.


Target driven wallboards create a productive environment within your contact centre.


Produce as many custom dashboards as you want, for you, your staff and even your clients.


Let users see what you want them to see with configurable dashboards to show only the information you want users to have access to.

Unique Statistics

Our unique call centre focused statistics allow your staff the ability to quickly unearth new metrics not available anywhere else within the Industry.


Set Targets for users and campaigns to facilitate RAG colours within the real information.