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Background –

Adzooma had previously been manual dialling from their CRM system with an infinite number of leads. They found they were never getting through all the leads and repeat attempts to those leads were missed, meaning they were missing out on a large amount of potential opportunities. One of the main reasons for missed opportunities was human error, which was costing them time and money as, there was a large investment in generating leads. The major problem in what they were doing was the fact that high value leads were only being called twice and never again. Everything was manual, resulting in time consuming tasks for staff needing to generate stats which were instantly out of date due to the time it took to generate meaningful information. Adzooma knew they had to make changes and went to market looking for a solution via Linkedin. MaxContact approached them immediately and along with multiple recommendations were given the opportunity to speak to Adzooma and four full demos of cloud solutions that Adzooma had picked out as having the biggest potential, were arranged. The main reasons stated for choosing MaxContact were its intuitive interface and ease of use.

Jamie Dixon – Head of sales


The process of choosing MaxContact –

Adzooma explained that it was a very smooth process from initial enquiry through to go live. There was confidence from the start as the sales person from MaxContact who connects with a client becomes the account manager, allowing for continuity and straightforward communication. Coupling this with the initial meeting being more of a consultation or conversation rather than a straight up demonstration, Adzooma were made to feel like they would become a partner of MaxContact rather than just another client.

Cost was important and MaxContact was extremely cost effective in comparison to the other solutions Adzooma looked at. One of the main issues with the other potential suppliers were high setup costs. Adzooma were keen to have real-time visibility of statistics which are displayed clearly and effectively via MaxContact’s dashboards and wallboards. The set up of MaxContact was seen as an efficient and informed approach with a variety of team members learning how to use many aspects of the solution via a free training sessions.

Jamie Dixon – Head of sales

It’s all very simple you can tell that’s it’s been built by experts in the industry and tailored to the users.

The Results –

Leads are now never missed as recalls are automatically set in MaxContact, removing, a big chunk of work away from the agents as there is no longer a requirement to manually track leads. Adzooma have seen improvements month on month since they went live using MaxContact, with prospecting calls increasing exponentially:-

  • Month 1 Increase 1%
  • Month 2 Increase 26%
  • Month 3 Increase 58%

Adzooma highlighted that they are able to manage the whole system themselves but also take advantage of the excellent support team and access the free of charge knowledge base articles. They are also in touch with a dedicated Account Manager who provides a monthly account management meeting. Their main system highlights are remote coaching and monitoring which is used regularly by their QA manager, this can be done real time and all historic call recordings are found easily. From a management perspective, visibility is great as all of their staff are now on a level playing field with dashboards and reporting features showing who is performing well and who needs extra support.

Jamie Dixon – Head of sales

There is now a seamless and uniform approach for all staff and we can manage performance consistently and effectively

Exception setting is a great way to highlight ‘needles in haystacks’. Rather than taking a long period of time to pull all of the data out of their CRM and seeing how things are going, they can now enable skilled people to do their jobs without delay.

Adzooma ask their potential clients whether they feel like they are losing hours of their life managing their online advertising. As a small agency, they wasted far too much time carrying out repetitive tasks and wishing there was an easier way. They had better things to do than micromanage every little detail but they could not find a platform that worked the way it needed to. After scouring the market looking for something that would make their lives easier they just could not find a platform that worked the way it needed to so decided to build their own. Starting small and adding new features as they needed, two years later, they have one of the best platforms in the industry.
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