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16 Apr 2024

Debunking the Top AI Myths in the Contact Centre Industry

As artificial intelligence (AI) disrupts industries at a breakneck pace, the contact centre industry hasn’t been immune to a fog of misconceptions and myths clouding its true capabilities and limitations. We tackled these misconceptions head-on during our webinar titled “Top things you really need to know about AI in the contact centre,” where industry experts...


18 Mar 2024

What is sentiment analysis: How’s it used in call centres?

Imagine if you could hear the emotions behind every customer call? No more guessing if an interaction is positive, negative or neutral. Sentiment analysis allows call centres to understand the feelings behind the voices on the other end of the phone.  What is sentiment analysis? Sentiment analysis, also known as opinion mining, is a natural...
The AI Butterfly Effect; speech analytics is transforming the customer experience


13 Mar 2024

The AI Butterfly Effect: How Speech Analytics is Transforming Customer Experience

We caught up with Ben Booth, CEO of MaxContact, Matthew Yates, VP of Engineering at MaxContact, and James Revell, Director of Whistl Contact Solutions to discuss the transformative impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in the contact centre. In this blog, taken from the rich discussion in a previous webinar, we explore the meteoric impact AI...
MaxContact's Auto Dialler Software being used by a female contact centre employee


03 Jan 2024

The Crucial Role of Instant and Accurate Customer Service

Customer service teams are the unsung heroes of businesses; they have the power to transform ordinary transactions into extraordinary customer experiences. The importance of customer service teams can often be overlooked by businesses but is seen as a necessity by customers who demand instant and correct answers to their questions. How do businesses support their...
Agent toolkit AI in contact centres: optimising employee and customer experience


06 Sep 2023

AI in contact centres: optimising employee and customer experience

Growing demands – and rising costs These are challenging times for contact centres. Studies suggest that customer expectations have hit an all time high, and in one case, that a large majority of customers now consider the experience a company provides to be as important as its products or services. At the same time, pressure...
AI in Call Centres: How Will AI Impact Customer Service?


25 Aug 2023

AI in Call Centres: How Will AI Impact Customer Service?

Unless you’ve just returned from a very long vacation on a very isolated island, you’ll probably know a thing or two about ChatGPT already.  ChatGPT and other generative AI technologies are suddenly everywhere. News of the latest developments have crossed from the technology press to 10 o’clock news. Workers worry that AI may take their...
Is your organisation ready for the AI Revolution


16 Aug 2023

Is your organisation ready for the AI revolution?

An AI-driven future has arrived AI was a bold idea, then a niche technological interest, and then – in what seemed like the click of a finger – it was everywhere. AI has arrived and it is about to change everything. Eminent scientists are saying that AI could be as transformative as the industrial revolution....

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