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Limit dropped calls and optimise outbound dialling

Streamline workflows and help your teams make calls more efficiently

What is a Predictive Dialler?

Predictive dialling places calls based on the software’s predictions of agent availability; dialling multiple numbers simultaneously, so that when agents finish one call they can be instantly connected to the next.

As a dialling method, Predictive dialling is hugely efficient. At its heart our algorithm is constantly crunching data to refine the rate at which calls are made, with the aim of ensuring that, if a customer answers a call, there’s always an agent available to take it. If there are no agents available the system will automatically slow the dialling rate – keeping abandoned calls to a minimum, giving you the tools to ensure zero dropped calls so you remain compliant.

Benefits of a Predictive Dialler

Faster, compliant dialling

Our predictive dialler mode reduces the need for manually dialling and the downtime that comes with it. Our intuitive algorithm helps prioritise the right contact to call, at the right time in the faster and most efficient way, without breaching compliance with the ability to have zero dropped calls.

Large data handling

Being able to make more calls with the help of predictive dialling helps you and your teams get through bigger data lists. The more staff members you have online at one time, the more calls the system will dial.

Voicemail detection

With voicemail detection enabled, only live calls will be dispositioned to your teams – helping with productivity and efficiency.

Improved KPIs

With less time being spent dialling new calls, your teams are able to focus on what matters to your business.

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Why MaxContact’s Predictive Dialler Solution?

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What are the different dialling methods?

Progressive dialling

  • Instant and automatic dialling
  • Only dials a number when a team member is ready for the call
  • Perfect for working through current customer campaigns

Preview dialling

  • Automatic dialling but with preparation time for your teams
  • The system shares the contact information before each call, giving the team time to get up to speed before each call is connected
  • Ideal for complicated calls or B2B campaigns, as the pause helps the team prepare for the call

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