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Power your teams with flexible progressive dialling

Progressive dialling made simple.

What is a Progressive Dialler?

Benefits of a Progressive Dialler

Instant and automatic dialling

When data has been imported into the system and agents are ready to take calls, the dialler will start placing the calls based on the number of team members available.

Only dials when staff are ready

Unlike the predictive dialler, the progressive dialling method will only dial contacts when a team member is ready. Helping you get the most out of your data whilst creating a seamless transition between calls.

Ideal alternative to manual dialling

With continuous call routing progressive dialling is ideal for teams who know their data, allowing them to cover more ground quickly without manually dialling.

Increased conversions and customer satisfaction

With less call abandonment and dialling time, agents are able to talk to contacts for longer which may lead to better conversations, outcomes and increased customer satisfaction.

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Why MaxContact’s Progressive Dialler Solution?

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What are the different dialling methods?

Predictive dialling

  • The fastest dialling method
  • Back-to-back calls maximise your team’s time
  • Great for working through large data sets or supporting high-volume sales campaigns

Preview dialling

  • Automatic dialling but with preparation time
  • The system shares the contact information before each call, giving your team time to get up to speed before each call is connected
  • Ideal for complicated calls or B2B campaigns, as the pause helps the team prepare for the call

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