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Resources > Customer Stories > Compare My Insurance

Compare My Insurance

Stability, Reliability, and Increased Contact Rates…

Commercial insurance services provider, Compare My Insurance, were frustrated by their previous system which meant they weren’t dealing with customers efficiently and were missing out on opportunities. MaxContact’s solution has provided stability and reliability, boosting contact rates and efficiencies.

Meet Compare My Insurance

Since its launch in 2008, Compare My Insurance has grown to become one of the largest independent insurance and protection specialists in the UK.

CEO Mark Thomas describes the secret to their growth as:

“Efficiency, brilliant prices and great service that empowers customers to run their businesses.”

Targeting small business owners who are time-poor and often heavily involved in the day-to-day running of their businesses, Compare My Insurance prides itself in smoothing away the stress of arranging commercial insurance. To do that, they need a sophisticated dialler system that allows them to service every customer as quickly as possible.

The Challenge: Unreliable Service, Unacceptable Errors

What drove Compare My Insurance to seek a new solution?

Mark explains:

“We had a lot of problems with our previous system. We experienced a lot of downtime that was very frustrating for our teams, as it meant a lot of missed opportunities.

“We also had a lot of issues with the wrong data being called, or not, at the wrong times. 

“This meant we weren’t dealing with customers as efficiently as we could be.”

Mark considered four other solutions before choosing MaxContact.

“I spoke to several of MaxContact’s existing customers who had very good feedback about the platform. 

Crucially, MaxContact was able to integrate their dialler solution with our back office system, which very few other providers were able to do.

With MaxContact selected as their new provider, Mark was impressed by the onboarding process.

“We were assigned a transition manager who focused on the integration work, and we also had fantastic training, including on-site support.

“In comparison to other platforms, the MaxContact integration was seamless, and retraining all of our staff was really straightforward.”

Results: Increased Contact Rates and Call Transparency

Since moving to MaxContact, Compare My Insurance is enjoying increased contact rates, which means more customers and greater efficiency:

“We’ve increased the contact we have with our customers, which has been massive. When you’re sourcing leads, you want to make sure your contact ratio is as high as possible, so that’s been a huge positive for us.”

Mark’s teams also have greater visibility than ever of their call data:

“I am so impressed with the transparency of the system. We can now display data in the office so the teams can see exactly how many calls are waiting to come in, what our contact rates were like, how many leads they take per day, and what the conversion rates are like. That’s been really interesting from a KPI perspective.”

In addition, automated reporting now means that Mark receives a daily snapshot of the previous day’s performance, which has inspired progress in other areas of the business:

“Automating our processes has been enlightening, and we’ve taken that idea to other aspects of our business, to see where else we could benefit.”

‘The Most Stable, Reliable Outbound Dialler We’ve Ever Used’

Mark can highly recommend working with MaxContact:

“We’ve found everything incredibly well organised, efficient, and we enjoy working with the MaxContact team. 

“Having tried other dialler systems, it’s easily been the most stable, reliable outbound dialler we’ve used.”

With the new found capabilities of the dialler platform integrated into back office systems, Compare My Insurance is keen to explore further integrations, thanks to MaxContact:

“Having the dialler integrated into our business has made it a key part of our operations. We’re looking forward to exploring that integration even further moving forward.”

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