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H&T Group

Unrivalled Solution Flexibility and Responsive Support “The Right Way” for H&T Group…

Britain’s largest pawnbrokers, H&T, were frustrated by the lack of flexibility from their traditional physical dialler solution that was hampering growth. MaxContact’s solution has unlocked business flexibility, allowing for flexible support and happier teams.

Meet H&T Group

Established in 1897, H&T Pawnbrokers has grown to become Britain’s largest and longest-serving pawnbroker.

With 260 stores, H&T Group is proud to have expanded its financial services, supporting the differing financial needs of customers across the country.

We spoke with Gareth Morgan, Operations and Communications Manager, to understand what encouraged H&T Group to trust MaxContact with its vital customer communication.

The Challenge: Server-Based Inflexibility

From a busy support centre in Liverpool, the team manages contact with the entire network of stores, plus high volumes of customer communications about financial products.

Working with a server-based outbound dialler competitor, H&T Group lacked the flexibility it needed to expand its operations – a common complaint from growing contact centres and businesses.

“We were growing and absorbing work from the rest of the business, and found with the legacy dialler system that it was actually costing us more to take on additional work.

“We also wanted to move away from the time and money spent maintaining physical hardware. “Essentially, we needed to be able to adapt to the business needs more easily.”

Switching to MaxContact’s outbound dialler solution in 2020 has helped the company not only gain unbeatable scalability and flexibility in communications, but also smoothed the move to remote working driven by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Results: Increased Flexibility – and Team Morale

One of the biggest improvements has been the greater working flexibility for team leaders and their agents.

“The MaxContact solution gives our teams the freedom to carry out their roles and the flexibility to work securely in and out of the office, which has increased job satisfaction.

Team leaders now have clear oversight of their teams when working remotely, and can get all the management information they require from the platform, without the need to be in the office.

It’s now easier to connect different hybrid teams, which streamlines processes.”

H&T also found direct improvements when running the MaxContact solution alongside another CCaaS provider.

“We compared two CCaaS providers. The side of the business that was using MaxContact was running a lot better, with more communication channels, plus the platform was more refined, polished and easier to use.”

From a leadership perspective, the flexibility of the new solution offers greater access to customer call insights – on the go:

“Being able to access the contact centre platform anywhere, and listen to live calls and call recordings remotely helps us act on issues more quickly as they arise. That sort of connectability is great, rather than having to be sat in an actual office.”

Responsive Support – “The Right Way”

What are the highlights of MaxContact’s support?

“The approachability and familiarity. I know that if we have an issue that the team supporting our business will sort it out and be responsive.

“We’ve had suppliers where we can’t get in touch with the account managers, or that are more reactive to businesses who are larger in size, or have generic email addresses to get in contact.

“MaxContact is easily contactable. Suppliers should get in touch with us to fix things rather than us having to always chase them – MaxContact does this the right way.”

“How quickly MaxContact was able to implement system setup at the beginning, including considerable out-of-hours support, was a real highlight!.

“The new system needed to be brought in quickly, and we had some IT difficulties but MaxContact’s team made things easier, particularly at a difficult time during Covid.

“We were able to roll out remote working much more quickly thanks to MaxContact.”

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