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Connectivity CX

30% Efficiency Gains for Connectivity CX…

Connectivity CX, a leading technology and B2B service provider, swiftly adapted their model during the pandemic, transitioning to an in-house contact centre. This shift posed efficiency challenges until MaxContact stepped in. By implementing MaxContact’s dialler solution and tailored scripting, Connectivity CX achieved an impressive 30% boost in efficiency.

Meet Connectivity CX

Connectivity CX combines great people and innovative technology to help businesses generate and convert more leads, and deliver excellent customer experiences, working predominantly within the automotive industry.  

We spoke to Operations Director Andrew Dent, to learn more about how MaxContact has supported their growth through one of their most challenging periods – the pandemic. 

The Challenge: Pandemic-Driven Change 

2020 was a difficult year for all of us. For Connectivity CX, it proved to be a pivotal point for their existing model.  

Andrew explains:

“Prior to the pandemic, we supplied the software for lead conversion, and didn’t operate a contact centre. But once the pandemic hit, we were forced to change.  

“Instead of cancelling subscriptions, which would have been detrimental to the business, we quickly set up a de facto contact centre to continue to manage the leads ourselves.”

“We initially did this with generic software and document tools, but we soon recognised the need for a robust contact centre solution.”

How did you get introduced to MaxContact?

“We were already familiar with MaxContact’s solution through a third party, and we liked the look and usability of the system.”

“We did research some alternatives, but once we connected to the MaxContact team, we felt really comfortable moving forward.” 

The Solution: MaxContact Dialler 

Connectivity CX implemented MaxContact’s dialler solution to streamline both inbound and outbound calls, and switched from an external softphone solution to MaxContact’s built in WebRTC softphone

In addition, a bespoke script was built to collect customer vehicle details and email them to the relevant sales agent at the end of each call to streamline customer enquiries.

Robust training got the relationship off to a strong start.  

“The product training was really good, particularly as using this type of technology was new to us and our teams. The handheld approach to training and launch really worked.”

“It felt like they were with us as part of our team, which was great.” 

Results: An Estimated 30% Uplift in Efficiency 

For Connectivity CX, working with MaxContact has meant dramatic improvements in efficiency. 

Andrew explains:

“We can see a massive uptake in our efficiencies, that’s a given.”

“From an efficiency perspective, we’ve definitely seen around twenty five to thirty percent uplift, just from utilising the tool.”

“Same from a reporting perspective, because we can now get core data from daily reports.”

“At the click of a button, we can see where the efficiency holes are and plug those holes, which maximises our productivity.”

As a fully-remote business with a growing team of agents working in different locations, this need for efficiency is critical. One of Andrew’s top features is the ability for flexible scripting, which helps onboard new agents faster and more efficiently. 

“Our biggest challenge as a business is the remote working element. Training a new starter is quite tricky, particularly when we work for multiple clients so what really helps us is the flexible scripting functionality.”

“Overall, with everything that we do together it feels like MaxContact is trying to make our business better. That to me, is the essence of a partnership.”

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