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Honey Group

Fantastic Support and a Foundation Set for Future Growth…

Estate planning and wealth management experts, Honey Group, were frustrated as their previous system couldn’t keep up with increased data volumes resulting in CRM integration issues and an overall lack of efficiency that impacted productivity. MaxContact’s solution has provided them with the scalability and agility they need to succeed now, and in the future.

Meet Honey Group

The Honey Group offers expert advice in estate planning, wealth management, and the complicated legalities of later life planning, empowering customers to enjoy their lives, with the future safely in hand. 

The company has experienced exponential growth in the past decade. From a small, local team to a UK-wide network with over 100 head office staff and a significant national network of advisors across the UK, and plans for further growth, the company’s IT and contact centre needs had changed accordingly. 

We spoke to call centre manager Karl Burke to learn more about how MaxContact has been the right partner for the next level of The Honey Group’s evolution.

The Challenge: Operational Growth Hampered, Poor Communication 

What drove Honey Group to seek a new solution?

The Honey Group operates three contact centre sites, delivering over thousands of appointments a month nationally. Generating a significant amount of revenue alone, the contact centre operation is crucial to the company’s success.

But as the company grew, so did the amount of data received. Using a standard dialler from a rival solution provider that struggled to cope, Karl and the team knew it was time to find an experienced partner with a more advanced platform who could help them reach the next level.

Karl explains: “We reached a point where we were receiving thousands of leads a month, and as we grew and were getting more data deliveries, we were having issues with CRM integration with our previous supplier. It reached the point where they wouldn’t be able to help us any further.” 


What were the key issues you needed to solve with the system? 

“We needed smooth CRM integration, to help with our dialler API, so that all of our data can flow freely with no manual intervention from start to dialler. We wanted everything to be contained within the system, easily accessible and accurate.”

“As you grow, information management becomes more and more important so that you know where everything is, what’s been spent and what return you’re getting on that investment.”

Results: Foundation Set for Future Growth

Since moving to MaxContact, Honey Group now has access to a number of new features that not only supports their current operations, but also provides them with the scalability and agility they need for future growth.

Access to new feature’s has made Karl’s role much easier:

“Now we have web chat and email which we didn’t have before, and we’re soon going to be moving to a blended web chat and dialler functionality, which will be great.”

“Having automated reports now means that by the time I reach the office, I already have a full picture of any issues from the day before. Having this information to hand makes a big difference.”

With the new system in place, the foundation has been set for future growth:

“We’re planning to make a shift in direction at the start of next year that will involve a mass amount of data being dialled. Instead of calling hundreds of people a day and telesales, we’ll be focusing more on account management.”

Fantastic Support and a Smooth Transition

The onboarding process was smooth and supported, according to Karl:

“With no previous experience of using something so advanced, naturally we had a lot of questions, but MaxContact’s support team was fantastic.”

“They held out hand all the way through, made sure we were happy with everything, and helped us build the custom reports we needed.”

With the MaxContact solution in place, Honey Group can confidently execute their plans to shift to an account management focus moving forward:

“Having our CRM integration and API feedback already in place, and being supported, will be a huge asset to us moving forward.”

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