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The Challenge –

CC33’s incumbent contact centre solution was an on premise solution, the parent company had been acquired by a larger organisation and development investment became minimal with no new features being added. CC33 recognised that they needed to go to market to move to a solution and company that would continue to help achieve bespoke, high level, end to end solutions for their current clients and future prospects. CC33 operate with inbound, outbound, blended and omni channel environments so a complete converged hosted solution was high on their priority list. As well as a company that would continue to develop the product year on year to protect their investment.

The Process –

CC33 staff had worked in the contact centre industry for over 20 years and have a vast base of experienced contact centre professionals they can call on for recommendations. Having worked on multiple contact centre platforms themselves, they also knew the pitfalls of being over-promised at point of sale, so recommendations became a key part of their strategy through a trusted network. MaxContact were given the opportunity to bid for the business. CC33 completed a vigorous on-boarding process, including multiple site visits, MaxContact offered a free POC to ensure that the service being offered would be what CC33 would receive. During the planning and installation phase, CC33 relied upon MaxContact’s technical expertise and experience on the migration to a cloud platform, from number porting, training, data migration, all the way through to compliance and regulatory requirements for data being stored off site, by a third party vendor and their clients stipulations for due diligence. MaxContact seamlessly migrated all campaigns with zero downtime or disruption to the business, helping not only meet client regulatory ISMS stipulation but also improved upon them.

Adam Robinson – IT Director
We have such a strong working relationship with MaxContact, they are always there should we need anything. They are our preferred supplier having, over four years, used more than 5 other solutions, we can honestly say we have made the right choice with MaxContact.

The Solution –

Since implementation, MaxContact and CC33 have been working together for over 3 years, we have built a strong relationship together. Helping with both existing and potential clients requirements, mainting and winning new campaigns. Using one complete converged solution for Omni-Channel and inbound voice for customer support services, Outbound predictive dialling for sales campaigns and preview or progressive dialling for B2B. Other Features such as virtual queuing, IVR automation and data insights have allowed CC33 to provide not only excellent solution, but helped improve customer experience, reduce agent handle times and cut down on agent contact resolutions. Improving overall performance for their clients. CC33 know that no matter what their clients require, they can provide them not only with any offering but improve customer experience, drive down contact resolutions through automation With the same dedicated account manager who has learnt to understand them and their business, a strong support team and regular service review meetings, the relationship has matured between the two companies.

Adam Robinson – IT Director
Being able to offer a complete converged solution and not have to have multiple systems is a huge benefit, we can see the client’s journey no matter what interaction channel they come in on, helping us offer to our clients customers better customer experience.

The Future –

CC33 have excelled in a competitive industry growing from around 40 staff to exceeding 180. They have just opened a second office for further business expansion with a capacity of an additional 150 seats.

CC33 and MaxContact continue to work together, in partnership to provide innovative solutions and a unique boutique end to end transparent customer offering. With a strong ethos from both companies on not just meeting, but excelling in client expectation, both agree this is strong partnership for years to come.

Adam Robinson – IT Director
We have started utilising features that have been added over the years such as queue buster, tagging, undroppable algorithm and much more. MaxContact’s continual improvement strategy means we won’t have to worry about the solution becoming legacy again.

Partnering with CC33 means taking the risk out of outsourcing. By Using the latest Technology, CC33 gives their partners more control over campaigns, meaning that they inspire confidence in their clients by being the most trustworthy and transparent agency around. This is Sales & Marketing the ethical way. There is no one size fits all at CC33, no matter what the size and scope of your project; CC33 have the experience to make it a success. Their philosophy is simple, to exceed the expectations of every client. At CC33, they take care to understand both their clients and their customers, which enables them to go above and beyond a standard level of service.
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