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MaxContact Announces Partner Programme: Empowering Resellers to Capture the Booming CCaaS Market

Manchester, UK – 04/03/2024 – MaxContact, a leading contact centre software provider, announced its plans to achieve double-digit growth by launching an indirect partner model. Aimed at supporting telecoms resellers, the model will allow partners to bridge their technology-capability gap by tapping into the rapidly growing contact centre market with a flexible, feature-rich, and competitively priced solution.

Howard Watson, Sales Director at MaxContact, and channel partner expert says, “We’re excited to officially unveil our partner model at MaxContact. With a proven track record of tackling complex requirements and a platform continuously evolving to meet industry demands, MaxContact is the ideal partner for resellers seeking to capture a significant share of the CCaaS market. Our commitment to delivering a high-value product with an exciting AI-led roadmap, exceptional customer service, and dedicated support will ensure our partners’ success.”

The global CCaaS market is poised for exponential growth, with a projected market worth of $19.8 billion by 2031. This surge is driven by two key trends: the rising demand for seamless omnichannel customer support and the increasing number of businesses outsourcing contact centre operations to optimise costs. As a result, this multi-billion dollar market presents a wealth of opportunities for technology resellers to capitalise on.

However, many resellers currently face limitations from existing vendor programmes that offer restricted customisation options, high pricing structures, and inadequate support. This hinders the ability to fully take advantage of the potential in the CCaaS market.

MaxContact has stepped up to offer a solution to this problem. MaxContact’s founders worked together for over ten years at a contact centre solution reseller. They saw organisations become increasingly frustrated with providers that over-promised and under-delivered on features, support and resilience. Determined to enhance the employee and customer experience, MaxContact was formed, and its own CCaaS product was developed. Eight years later, the business has grown to 70+ staff and has become one of the fastest-growing contact centre vendors in the UK.

MaxContact’s Partner Programme offers:

  • Tailored Solutions: Cater to your clients’ unique needs with an adaptable platform and bespoke integration capabilities. No more forcing customers into cookie-cutter solutions.
  • Competitive Margins: Enjoy attractive margins and flexible pricing models to win more deals and boost profitability.
  • Unrivalled Support: Leverage a dedicated UK-based support team for presales, implementation, and ongoing technical support. MaxContact is there to help you close deals and deliver success.
  • Direct Access to Leadership: Get strategic guidance and support directly from our senior team. Shape the future of the MaxContact product; we value your partnership and input.
  • Proven Track Record: Trust in our 20+ years of industry experience and commitment to innovation. We’re here for the long haul.

Ben Booth, CEO at MaxContact says, “We understand the challenges resellers face in a crowded CCaaS market. That’s why we’ve built our program with them in mind. We offer the flexibility, pricing, and support they need to differentiate themselves, win more deals, and grow their business.”

Join the MaxContact Partner Program today! Visit MaxContact’s Partner Page to learn more.

About MaxContact:

MaxContact is the best cloud contact centre platform for delivering conversation outcomes and customer insights to generate more revenue – compliantly. Our cloud-based contact centre platform allows you to have more productive conversations and automatically connects the right people for better call outcomes.  MaxContact has unrivalled outbound dialling capabilities as well as inbound and omnichannel functionality, plus advanced reporting. 

Media Contacts:

Pip Hough, Marketing Manager – pip.hough@maxcontact.com / pr@maxcontact.com

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