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Detailed Reports and Superior Support Create Customer Acquisition Success

D2MS MaxContact Case Study

D2MS, an outsourced customer acquisition company, faced challenges as they expanded, struggling with inefficient manual processes and limited performance measurement capabilities in their phone system. MaxContact came to the rescue with our auto-dialler, user-friendly onboarding, and dedicated support. By implementing MaxContact’s intuitive platform and advanced reporting tools, D2MS significantly improved agent productivity and gained the ability to measure data allowing them to strategise and support their rapid growth.

Meet D2MS

D2MS is an outsourced customer acquisition company that uses positive and friendly communication to turn leads into loyal customers. Its success – for high profile clients like recipe delivery service HelloFresh and tailored dog food delivery service Tails – has seen D2MS’ team of dedicated agents grow from five to 60 in the UK in little more than a year.

D2MS didn’t start life as a telephone customer acquisition company. Directors Kevin and Ian are events specialists, and the business originally focused on representing brands at exhibitions, events and public spaces across the UK. That’s still part of what it does, but when Covid hit and physical spaces locked down, D2MS added phone-based customer acquisition to its portfolio of services.

The company now offers a complete outsourced sales strategy, from digital marketing and events to telephone sales and customer retention. We spoke to operations manager Steph Warricker about how the company met its communication challenges as it diversified and grew.

D2MS challenges

The Challenge: Communications That Couldn’t Support Growth 

When D2MS moved into telephone sales the company was using a basic business phone system with a manual dialler. It had no API connections and no means to measure productivity, conversion rates or other metrics of success.

“At one point we had around 35 agents dialling out, and every day we’d have to drop leads into a Google Sheet and they’d manually work through them, opening the soft phone app and typing in the number,” says Steph. “It was very difficult to know contact rates, conversion rates and agent performance. Conversions were high because of the quality of the agents, but we couldn’t easily measure it.”


D2MS wanted data and reporting to support its campaigns. They also wanted integrated quality assurance and coaching elements to help improve agent hit rate. At that point, Steph was having to download historic calls and listen back to them, a process which sapped time and energy.

She continues: “Essentially we had a tool that was OK when we were a start-up in this channel, but as soon as we grew we knew it wasn’t something we could go forward with, and that’s when we started looking at other options.”

The Solution: More Features, Unrivalled Support

Our search was quickly whittled down to a shortlist of three providers and MaxContact was chosen because of its wide array of features and integrations. “Nobody could give us quite what MaxContact could at that price point,” says Steph.

She describes the onboarding process as “seamless”:

“It was easy to create users and get them on the system,” she adds. “There were challenges because we were moving the entire team onto a new system, and some of them had not used anything like it before, so it took time for them to learn to navigate the web agent. But MaxContact support was always there when we needed it.”

Two and half years later, Steph says that’s still true.

“If I need to reach out to MaxContact over doing something new, they’ll quickly come back with a detailed explanation of how to achieve what I’m looking to achieve.”

Results: Creating Winning Strategies

MaxContact’s intuitive auto-dialler has made a huge difference to agent productivity and campaign performance. And importantly, Steph can now properly and instantly measure results.

“The amount of reporting and the detail contained in those reports has been a huge win for us,” she says. “We can now measure what we need to measure – performance, productivity, call rates and so on, whenever we need to. We can properly strategise. The wallboards are great and the leaderboards have introduced a bit of healthy competition for agents which they really enjoy.”

She also picks out the number of integrations available with MaxContact as a further benefit, allowing D2MS systems to work together. That will become increasingly important as the firm continues its rapid expansion.

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