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The Future of Outbound Dialling

MaxContact is the next generation in contact centres, built from the ground up by contact centre professionals. MaxContact will offer you unique features and outbound performance that will surpass expectations, with our patent pending algorithm, the system will manage itself throughout the day, optimising performance with little interaction required, allowing you to focus on your business KPI’s.

True Predictive

Our Predictive algorithm has been designed by industry experts, meaning it is the fastest, most compliant solution on the market today.

Not just fast. Max Fast

Most diallers advertise a 300% uplift over manual dial, well, honestly, that’s not hard. We aim to achieve that performance uplift over other diallers, therefore setting the bar that little bit higher than the rest.

Max Compliance

We are in an age of compliance, never has the ICO and OFCOMs joint task force been so vigilant. MaxContact has unique, built in patent pending features that reduce the chances of dropped calls, while not affecting performance.  Giving you peace of mind you are always in control of your business.

It's all in the Stats


Drive Sales Performance


Increase in Talk Time


Increase In DMC's


Increase in Sales

  • Maxworkflow

    Build a contact strategy process for your data, allowing you to uplift lead to sales performance across campaigns

  • Self Managing

    With expert features such as MaxAlert’s, that once set up will notify you through the management console or even email.

  • Data Priorities

    Max gives you the ability to prioritise your data the way you want, target postcodes, value of loans, age, anything. Giving you the ability to focus on the data that gives a higher return on investment.

  • No Limitations

    We don’t believe in limits, there are no limits to the number of campaigns, lists, inbound routes, skills, scripts… well you get the picture

Key Features

  • Best Time To Call

    Automatically call at different times of the day to achieve better data penetration rates and increased ROI on data spends

  • Data Management

    Move or suppress data from list to list, using any information collected through scripts or imports

  • Max Compliance

    In this age of compliance, never has the ICO and OFCOMs joint task force been so vigilant. MaxContact has been built with compliance at the forefront, giving you piece of mind.

  • Answer Machine Detection

    MaxAMD achieves the highest industry accuracy for detection, keeping your agents talking to live people while remaining compliant.

Try MaxContact today and see how it can help your business.