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Making a difference at MaxContact

Before the pandemic, employees at MaxContact would meet regularly outside of the 9-5, for informal get togethers, team nights out and other social occasions. We also used to support charities together, whether that meant volunteer days or fundraising events.

Of course, all that changed a bit during the pandemic. We had virtual quizzes and distanced get togethers, but – great though these were – they weren’t the same. We realised we missed the buzz of being together, whether that was for a quick drink after work or to help fund a worthy cause.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, the team at MaxContact doubled in size between 2020 and 2021, rocketing from 30 to 60+ employees. In other words, half our current team joined during the pandemic, which means we mostly know each other virtually.

Due to business growth and the challenges of working remotely, in 2021 we thought we’d make our informal activities official. We wanted to keep the virtual socialising going during lockdown, and then be ready with a timetable of great things to do when it ended. And so, the MaxContact Social, Charities and Culture (SCC) team was born!

Here’s what our SCC volunteers – representing every part of the business – are focused on most of all.

SCC Group MaxContact
The SCC group. From left to right – David, Support. Kayleigh, Training. Ashleigh, Support. Grace, Support. Lily, Finance. Pip, Marketing. Greg, Sales.

Getting to know you…

First off, the SCC organises all the usual stuff – drinks, team building events, and fun out of the office activities like escape rooms, as well as helping to get people together who share hobbies and interests.

And we’re determined to help everybody in the business get to know each other – not just people who work in the same teams. That’s why we’ve created social mini teams, which are made up of small groups of people from different parts of the business whose paths wouldn’t normally cross too often.

These mini teams get together from time to time for a variety of different activities, and compete in our mini team leaderboard – we love a bit of friendly competition!

SCC member Lily says: “We know socialising is a huge part of team bonding and having fun away from work, but we wanted to do it a bit differently. That’s why we came up with the idea of cross-departmental mini teams. And we’re making sure there’s a wide variety of activities to suit all tastes.”

Creating a culture

At MaxContact, we all push in the same direction. Everybody plays a crucial role in the success of the business.

We wanted to reflect and celebrate that by mixing departments (so everyone knows what everyone else does, and can understand their challenges), embedding our company values, and recognising achievements. We’re doing that through staff awards and shout outs in company updates, and in 2022 we’ll be introducing a buddy system for new starters, to help embed our values from the beginning.

SCC member Pip says: “Nurturing a positive, consistent company culture is essential, for the good of our colleagues and our clients. We want everyone to know what MaxContact stands for.”

Giving back

Through the SCC, MaxContact is supporting three charities every year, chosen by the team. We’ll support them through fundraising and volunteering. In 2022 our focus is on homeless charity Barnabus, Cancer Research and the WWF. For Barnabus, we’ve already donated food and clothing, and three team members have volunteered at the charity’s Manchester Hub. Much more is planned through the rest of the year.

Another focus in 2022 will be on sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. We’re working on creative ways to do that now. Our role is also to promote diversity in the organisation. We’re already a diverse bunch, but we know there is more we can do.

SCC member Greg says: “As a growing organisation, we’re committed to giving something back. We’ll achieve that through a timetable of fundraising and volunteering for our chosen charities.”


We hope that gives you a flavour of what the SCC is and what we aim to achieve. MaxContact has been through an impressive period of growth, and that means we have to work a little bit harder to make sure we all get to know each other inside and outside the office, and to promote a positive work culture. We also want to give something back.

If you’re interested in joining the MaxContact team, check out our careers page for current opportunities.

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