MaxContact were selected for their true cloud elastic scalable offerings, secure remote homeworker connectivity and flexible contracts.

MaxContact have announced that they have moved four UK contact centres amassing to nearly 2,500 contact center agents to work remotely from home using the MaxContact platform, in response to increased call volumes and capacity requirements due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The rapid deployment and on-boarding of two new centres along with elastic expansion of two existing clients provided the ease and flexibility required for immediate deployment of such vital services.

Further emphasising the agility and convince true cloud service providers can offer, MaxContact provided all 4 centres within 48 hours to its clients, all working from home and including training and materials to the two new customers.  MaxContact continual success as a disrupter to the industry was emphasised further by the speed and security the system offers in order to pass the stringent criteria for healthcare campaign.

“The providers perform critical contact centre services for the COVID-19 related calls, this critical service needs to be robust, reliable and secure for its centres” said Ben Booth COO, MaxContact.”  This, along with other Covid-19 campaigns we have onboarded during this time makes us proud.  It shows how far we have come as a company in such a short space of time, we have been chosen by four separate centres and showing we can meet the demands of such rapid, agile and robust solutions required to help with the Covid-19 crisis”, Pat Ryan – MBA Group.

“Working with MaxContact we were able to get the system up and running, staff and agents trained and all working from home.  The whole process and speed of delivery, with the ability scale so quickly was of great benfit to us.  We simply wouldn’t have been able to onboard the campaign so fast if it was not for MaxContact”

“More and more companies are seeing the benefit of true cloud applications, being able to adapt to business needs and working with companies that can provide flexibility to scale up and scale down in their contracts as well as their service” said Ben Booth

Contact Centres are migrating to the cloud, a transition that looks only to be increasing, MaxContact are still operating at 100% capacity and seeing an uplift in opportunities across the robust, secure and agile contact centre marketplace. Secure homeworking has inevitably played a huge roll in this, along with the flexibility that cloud offers and suppliers like MaxContact will only continue to thrive in such a marketspace.

Analysts are predicting a significant growth in this sector with companies pulling forward plans for migration for business continuity and embracing home working environments that have been positive.