1.) Scalable capacity

MaxContact’s contact centre package is truly cloud-based, with no additional on-site hardware required in order to make use of it, and unlimited scalable capacity. This is fully flexible – you are not committing to a certain number of agents in your pricing plan, you can go from 10 one day, to 25 the next, and back down to 10, and just pay for what you use. Not only that, but unlike some other contact centre solutions, you do not even have to physically be on-site  yourself in order to access it.

2.) Remote access

As a fully cloud-based solution, any computer with a web browser can be used to reach the login URL and access the online software remotely. It’s a genuinely fourth-dimensional solution in the true spirit of the internet, and it means in principle that your call centre agents could be in any number of locations, anywhere in the world.

Scalability and flexibility of remote access are two of the advantages of these kinds of contact centre solutions.

3.) IVR features

There’s all of the usual features you might expect in contact centre solutions, including comfort messages and updates on position in the queue for waiting callers. Priority calls can also be fast-tracked through to an agent, a queue-jumping feature commonly known as the ‘golden ticket’. MaxContact also provides a real-time, fully customisable dashboard and reporting suite, allowing the whole contact centre to be monitored from a single point online.

4.) Resilience

We are also proud to run MaxContact on the Microsoft Azure platform, meaning you can have the confidence in its resiliency that comes from working with an international IT powerhouse.

The MaxContact dialler ‘lives’ in the cloud, with direct interconnectability with Microsoft’s own internet backbone. True Cloud, built in Microsoft Azure Platform ensures security, resilience, compliance as standard and scalability with no hardware limitations.

5.) Pricing

The flexible pricing structure is worth mentioning again, because it goes beyond simply charging you for what you use.

For example, consider a slump in activity in your contact centre – with most contact centre solutions, you would continue to pay for your contracted capacity. With MaxContact, you can immediately scale back your usage and your billing, so when your activity – and your associated income – drops, you immediately pay less for your use of the system, allowing you to retain profitability.

If you would like more information on the services that MaxContact offers, call us on 0330 159 6570