Optimised call centre scripting can drive revenues and positive sentiment, as well as improving morale among your call agents by ensuring their interactions with customers are more positive too.

There are many guides to best practices for call centre scripting online, but MaxContact’s custom solutions make certain that our recommendations are tailored specifically to your organisation for a truly optimised result.

Some of the ways we do this include:

Capturing Screens

Building bespoke screens for customer data capture and display so that your call operators have all of the necessary information in front of them when placing each call.

This has knock-on benefits for scripting, as it allows you to provide your call centre agents with optimised scripts making full use of this information, without them being distracted during calls as they search for the data point they need.

Workflow Process

Automate admin tasks like setting up follow-up calls or sending out emails and SMS to customers, so that your agents are free to focus on placing more calls.

This again helps with call agent morale by relieving them of tedious and repetitive admin tasks. It also enhances customer experience by keeping them engaged and establishing future appointments that improve acquisition and retention.

Complete Validation

Inaccurate information can render a database entry useless for future marketing purposes, so real-time validation ensures data is in the correct format and removes some of the need for subsequent database validation at a later date.

Critical communication fields like telephone numbers and email addresses are validated and verified as your agents enter the information, allowing them to double check the details if a field does not appear to match the expected format.

Real-time Scripting

It’s a cliche, but time is money, and your call centre cannot shut down just because you want to update your script.

Because of this, our solutions allow you to edit scripts in real-time without taking your entire team offline.

Full saved version history means if you need to, you can roll back to any previous version of your script until your latest update is completed and ready to roll out.

Complex calculations can be incorporated into the process, adjusting script directions and driving answers in new directions for a more authentic customer interaction.

And when appropriate, you can transfer calls away from the script completely to take full advantage of your most highly skilled and experienced call operators.

Make it your own

There’s no limit to the customisation options when it comes to MaxContact’s Scripting, as you can expand the system’s functionality via the built-in JavaScript editor.

By using this capability, you can add new features that are tailored to your business and your unique targets, which allows you to achieve almost anything.

URL query parsing allows information to pass between your script and a relevant embedded web page, again extending the flexibility and functionality of your customer interactions.

And everything can be recorded easily, either at the push of a button or automatically when the page loads, supporting your administrative overview and reporting requirements, enabling future marketing opportunities and meeting any compliance and regulatory demands too.