Demand for contact centres is growing day by day, according to a newly published report, promising an “astounding” rate of annual growth for contact centre software in the coming years.

The report, titled Contact Centre Software Market: Global Market Analysis, Insights and Forecast, 2019-2026, was published recently by Fortune Business Insights.

It reports that in 2018, the global market value of contact centre software stood at $16.75 billion (£13 billion) but by the end of 2026 this is predicted to grow to over $48 billion (£37.3 billion).

This near-trebling in market value equates to a compound annual growth rate of nearly 15%, described as “astounding” by Fortune Business Insights.

A major driving force behind the increase in contact centre software demand is the more general rising demand for contact centres themselves.

This is increasing daily, the report notes, and is “anticipated to be one of the major drivers for the growth of the global contact centre software market” between now and 2026.

‘Efficient channels’

The report goes on to praise the “numerous efficient channels of communication” that have become available in relatively recent times to drive change in contact centres.

This evolution in the past few years has helped to redefine the value of content while also leading to corresponding evolution in customers’ preferences about the way they communicate with businesses.

All of this has impacts on a wide variety of different industries that make use of contact centres, and of contact centre software to enhance their interactions with customers:

  • Accounting
  • Customer Service
  • Debt Collection
  • Telemarketing
  • Others

MaxContact provide contact centre software to these sectors and others, including banking, BPOs, debt collection, ecommerce, insurance, sales and utilities among many more.

Growing together

The rapid pace of growth predicted for the contact centre software market into the second half of the 2020s is an indication of how the technology is helping businesses all over the world to prosper.

Only a compelling business case could drive such large and consistent demand, combined with the efforts taking place across the globe to expand uptake even further.

These range from North America where contact centre software is being deployed in private and public organisations, to Asia Pacific where SMEs are investing in cloud contact centre technologies and advanced call centre software solutions.

As enterprises grow, so does their demand for contact centres, which in turn are made more efficient and productive using advanced contact centre software.

Cloud contact centre technologies in particular allow for massive scalability and seamless growth, as the cloud licence can simply be increased to accommodate future business expansion.

MaxContact have seen a blistering pace of growth as one of the UK’s fastest growing contact centre specialists, with a 97% uptake rate and more than 100 million interactions handled every month.

We now look forward to the start of a new decade, and one which promises to be prosperous for the contact centre software sector as a whole, including advanced technologies like cloud contact centre solutions through to 2026 and beyond.