As more businesses see their levels of trade return to something close to normal, there are still challenges in public-facing roles like customer service, where it will be difficult to offer in-person support to the same extent for the foreseeable future.

However, customers’ willingness to accept reduced service levels at the same price – something that may have been common during the lockdown phase of the Coronavirus pandemic – is unlikely to last for the same length of time.

Because of this, now is the time for businesses to catch up on their remote customer service capabilities, by investing in an efficient call centre that takes full advantage of modern technologies like speech analytics, scripting, IVR automation and cloud contact centres.

This allows you to deal with enquiries and complaints from customers who are keen to maintain their social distancing by contacting you from their own home or office, rather than coming to see your customer service team in person.

MaxContact can help you do just that, with cloud-based call centres that deliver high standards of remote customer service, while also allowing your call handlers to work from home too.

The rise of socially distant commerce

The imposition of social distancing ‘lockdown’ measures forced a rapid increase in the number of people who work from home, as well as having an equivalent effect on people’s social lives and shopping habits.

Shopping via ecommerce and home delivery of retail goods surged and is unlikely to return fully to baseline levels; now with businesses opening back up, a similar trend is likely to emerge in B2B commerce too.

We already have the tools necessary to handle this rapid change in the way we all do commerce. Contact centre technologies have supported remote customer service as the preferred option for many years.

Although the events of 2020 have led many more businesses to consider those technologies, that does not erase their benefits.

In fact it reinforces them, as the current commerce climate means you are likely to see even greater return on investment when you adopt a cloud-based call centre and all the tools and technologies that come along with it.

Supporting socially distant staff

Remote customer service isn’t limited to the customer’s side – you can also support social distancing efforts by allowing your call agents to work from home by dialling in remotely each morning.

MaxContact remote contact centres allow for this by securely showing home-based agents the exact same dashboards and data they would receive if they were working from the office.

Supervisors and managers still have all the same visibility of what their team members are doing, and you can easily transfer calls if you need to escalate an enquiry or just offer an extra voice on the call.

All of this means that, whatever the next phase of the COVID-19 pandemic brings, you can continue to provide customer service from home or from the office, to customers who are unable to make their enquiry face-to-face.

To find out more about how MaxContact can help you deploy your contact centre remotely, you can read our guide here, or contact us with any questions you’d like us to answer.