A predictive dialler can be a valuable investment for call centres of all kinds, helping to eliminate misdialled numbers and lengthy waits for ringing lines to be answered, but what are the factors that go into choosing a predictive daillers?

Well there are few ways to choose a predictive dialler, and they depend on your particular call centre and for what your main priority is that you are trying to achieve.

For instance, you might base your decision on the size of your call centre. With many more agents available to handle calls, you can feel more confident that at least one agent will be available at any one time.

This allows you to place a higher number of potential calls, in the knowledge that no matter how many are answered – rather than encountering an already busy line or just ringing out – there will be someone on your end ready to handle that call when the prospect picks up.

For a smaller operation, you might want a predictive dialler that is not focused primarily on volume but is able to automate dialling, so your call agents do not have to manually key in each new number.

Either way, you maximise talk time – either by routing through more calls overall to a large contact centre, or by cutting down the time spent on dialling for a smaller team with a lot of calls to get through.

But it is not just about speed, as predictive diallers like MaxContact have plenty of other features too, such as call queueing and comfort messaging, along with the ability to record calls for monitoring – even, if you transfer the caller through to a third party.

MaxContact numbers speak for themselves. Compared with some other diallers, talk time increases by nearly 100%, while it can increase by up to four times that, compared with manual dialling. Data penetration and utilisation rise six fold – and crucially, compliance with Ofcom, PCI-DSS, TPS and GDPR rules is an all-important 100%.

Combine all of this into the running costs of your call centre and you can see savings of up to 60% in direct staff costs alone, without even factoring in the office costs and management overhead savings.

Ultimately of course, cost efficiency is one of the major driving forces for many call centres when adopting a predictive dialler, but compliance should also be considered too, as this can help you to avoid a costly investigation or data breach.

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