With the world currently entering a period of lockdown, many businesses are worrying about how they are able to continue trading if everyone has to stay at home.  With contact centres already considered high risk environments for infection we are speaking to a lot of worried business owners who are concerned about how to get through the next few months. Luckily MaxContact are hear to help and we are already helping our clients deploy their contact centres remotely so that they can minimise disruption and keep their staff in work.

How does a remote contact centre work?

Exactly the same as a physical contact centre. Your agents will log into their system in the morning and continue to work as normal however rather than their colleagues sat next to them they will be on their own (or in my case sat next to a cat). They will still have access to the same dashboards and reports so they can see their performance against their colleagues, and will be safe in the knowledge that their managers and team leaders can see this too!

How will I know if people are working properly from home?

MaxContact, like many other contact centre solutions, allows its customers to remotely coach, monitor and even barge in on their agents calls from anywhere in the world. Our coaching and monitoring portal (see below) gives you an overview of current and historical agent activity and allows you to drill down further into individual stats whilst passing direct feedback through one click whisper coaching.

Your dashboards and reports will work exactly the same as if you were all sat in the same room together so other than no longer having to put up with that one agent who doesn’t know what deodorant is, absolutely nothing needs to change for your agents and managers.

But we work collaboratively, how will that work?

Ok, so you’re not going to be able to shout over to your closer about the awesome lead you’ve just got or give your manager the signal that you have a screamer on the line however that doesn’t mean you can’t collaborate on calls and pass between departments. MaxContact’s internal transfer functionality not only allows you to warm transfer to a user, team or skill group but displays status and availability of those users and skills groups before you start the transfer so you know who is free or not.

How about data security?

As standard MaxContact only allows traffic to certain whitelisted IP addresses. This ensures our customers systems can only be accessed by those who are authorised. Whilst we would recommend against it, we are able to deliver a system without ANY IP whitelisting requirements meaning you can access the system from anywhere in the world. In these cases we advocate a stringent password policy which is monitored very regularly.

Many of our clients have gone down the route of using a VPN to access the dialler through their internal network. Whilst this isn’t something we can support ourselves it appears to work in most cases and allowed contact centre’s to be deployed from anywhere.

The other option for this is to use ‘Nail-Up’, which creates a connection to the agents house via a traditional phone call however this incurs a per minute cost for each agent connected.  Given the current situation, MaxContact are happy to offer Nail-Up calls at practically cost price, allowing businesses to access a virtual contact centre easily and without having to pay through the nose for it.