If your business has to deal with direct customer contact on a regular basis, with your own call centre operators making numerous calls over the course of a day, the potential for problems to arise can be relatively high.

Calls can be misplaced, or correctly routed calls can simply go wrong – and without the right contact solutions in place, you might not even be aware of when a problem has occurred.

There are, compliance issues at stake, as you may be subject to regulations that require you to minimise the risk of inadvertently sending out ‘nuisance’ calls.

However, there are also clear business principles at play and adopting certain contact solutions can improve your bottom-line earnings substantially.

Dial it Right

A relatively simple but effective improvement comes when you make use of predictive dialler software to route your outgoing calls, rather, than simply expecting your staff to dial each number manually.

It may sound like a small change, but this will free up substantial amounts of talk time by maximising the ‘useful’ time your call operators spend speaking to customers, rather, than simply waiting for somebody to answer a ringing telephone.

The predictive dialler software can send out multiple calls at once, working on the assumption that not all of them will be answered; as such, you can effectively dial more numbers than you have call operators, increasing the real-terms size of your contact centre without the need to hire more staff.

Most importantly, automating the dialling process means you can feel confident about not dialling any wrong numbers, cutting down the risk of costly non- compliance and enforcement action, while further boosting the relevance of the time spent on calls by your workforce – and, therefore, the chance of making the maximum possible profit.

Keep it Light

Once you have a predictive dialler taking some of the strain out of the process for you, it can be worth investing in speech analytics software as well.

This can record and scan the telephone conversations made between your operators and your customers, and alert you to certain ‘red flags’, ranging from specific words and phrases to general indications of emotionally charged discussions.

You can investigate any worrying occurrences, such as the use of inappropriate language or negative mentions of your brand and take action to ensure all your contact centre operators are ‘on message’.

Ultimately, they are your front line in terms of customer communications, so when you work to eliminate problems here, you have the potential for direct and measurable results in your overall profits.

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