They are less secure

The fact that all data is stored centrally – rather than in an organization’s onsite server – means security is actually heightened. Most hosted solution offer enterprise grade infrastructure and security that is often not found in most on site business premises.

The cost is much higher than it initially appears

Typically, customers are only billed for what they use, meaning costs are much lower – especially, with the added consideration that no on-site equipment is required resulting in reduced IT overheads and the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

Existing equipment is now obsolete

Modern systems such as Cloud Contact Centre are perfectly capable of integrating with existing equipment, no need to worry about ripping out any expensive hardware.

Flexibility is limited

In fact, cloud contact centres can be scaled up or down much more easily than physical on-site alternatives, with the capability for remote working and temporary usage licences. This makes them perfect for businesses with operations that vary with seasonal or promotional demands.

Customisation is limited

This flexibility actually makes customisation easier to achieve than ever before, allowing a consistent quality of customer service irrespective of agent location and equipment.

Call quality is poorer

Thanks to the virtually unlimited capacity of cloud capability, the call quality is no different from that of an onsite system. The unlimited capacity also helps for scale up and scale down periods as and when required.

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