As we move into the start of the new decade, make sure your predictive dialler isn’t stuck in the past delivering the same performance improvements as every other solution on the market in 2020.

Many predictive diallers simply automate the process of dialling the number, leading to productivity gains of around 300%.

That’s not bad, but it’s possible to do better – much better – with an algorithm-based outbound predictive dialler like MaxContact’s.

It’s a proprietary algorithm built by experts in the industry to make sure it delivers truly optimised performance at all times, taking full advantage of the potential productivity gains at each moment.

This gives you that industry standard 300% improvement, but it pushes the envelope even further, adding every possible extra percent on to your total efficiency gains.

Why use an algorithmic outbound dialler?

Using an algorithm means outbound diallers don’t just automate punching in the numbers, they become truly predictive based on more complex data like the time of day and your own business objectives.

The algorithm takes care of this so there’s little to no manual intervention needed and you can trust the system to deliver maximum efficiency without having to interpret it differently in different circumstances.

At the same time, MaxContact’s algorithm-based outbound predictive dialler works to minimise the number of dropped calls and ensure you remain fully compliant with all the relevant industry guidelines.

It’s a great way to deliver on the key performance indicators of your call centre, as well as achieving even further optimisation of call agent talk time and ultimately, higher sales and revenues.

Algorithmic diallers in numbers

We’ve already mentioned the 300% efficiency gain that is commonly quoted for predictive diallers industry-wide, but MaxContact’s algorithm delivers impressive numbers that conventional predictive diallers cannot match, such as:

  • Sales up by 43%.
  • DMCs increase by 52%.
  • Agent talk time up 67%.

Time and time again we hear from clients that switching to an algorithm-based predictive dialler with truly optimised performance has unlocked efficiency gains that their previous predictive dialler had missed.

As we move into 2020, an ever-increasing number of contact centres will be making use of more advanced call centre technologies and cloud-based solutions, to realise the full potential that can now easily be achieved 24/7/365.

Make sure that you are not left behind – as conventional predictive diallers no longer give you a competitive edge against rivals who are adopting these more advanced contact centre technologies.

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